First "Madagascar Live! Operation: Vacation" Show

On May 16, 2013, Busch Gardens Tampa invited the media (including us) and some students from nearby schools to attend the very first performance of the park's newest show, "Madagascar Live! Operation: Vacation", housed in the newly-enclosed Stanleyville theater. That showing was not open to the general public.

The show is incredibly lively, and it is obvious that it was designed with a young audience in mind (the songs used can be definitely likened to the modern music appreciated by the younger generation). Its strengths are, no doubt, the presence of a live band and of many of the beloved characters that made the Madagascar series a very successful one, including Alex the lion, Gloria the hippopotamus, King Julien XIII, Mort, and the penguins. The only minor issues we found were the lack of props (the stage itself looked very bare and simplistic), and the fact that the show can get very loud; too loud in certain circumstances (but that could have been magnified during the first performance by the fact that we were surrounded by hundreds of kids!). That being said, there's no doubt that this show will be a hit at Busch Gardens Tampa.

Now, let's take a look around the theater to see how different it looks at the moment, after having been enclosed:

Before actually getting to the theater itself, Guests can see these banners:

The sticker on top of them will be removed soon to reveal the words "NOW OPEN!":

A new show-time sign has been installed outside the theater:

One of the two entrances of the theater:

The main sign of the show:

Let's take a peek inside:

It was packed!:

Here you are a complete HD video of the entire performance. You will love it:

After the show, some of the park officials came out to for interviews:

Alex was there too!:

Madagascar Live! Operation: Vacation will officially debut to the general public on May 18, 2013. A big "thank you!" to Busch Gardens Tampa for the great media event, and for giving us the opportunity of being among the first people to experience this great addition! See you real soon at Busch Gardens everyone.

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