Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride: April 2013 Update

As we promised a few days ago, here you are a quick photo-update showing the progress that has been done in the area around the future Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride. We hope you will enjoy the photos:

Behind the walls:

That's a lot of steel:

Going around the construction area:

Another set of behind-the-walls photos:

The back of the mountain:

That is all for now. We'll post a few more Fantasyland pictures tomorrow. Stay tuned!


  1. Thank you so much for an update I was waiting for, and saw nowhere else. You covered everything I wanted to see.


  2. How does the back of it look where the store and DVC booth is going to be? Will that part be open before the ride?

  3. Construction is moving so slow.

  4. The Disney construction crews seem to operate at less than half the speed of the crews at Seaworld and Universal. Empire of the Penguins and Potter 2 are moving along at a nice pace and everytime I look at this thing just very small changes. What gives??

  5. Disney is unionized, while Universal and Seaworld are not, this is why construction can be sped up at the latter of the 3 parks.


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