Work on New Magic Kingdom Bus Loop Have Begun

Some months ago we reported that preliminary work was being done on the grassy plot right in front of the Contemporary Resort. That was just the beginning of a quite important project that will include the expansion of Magic Kingdom's already large bus loop. Here you are a few photos of the area we are talking about:

Some of the material and equipment needed for this project is now on-site:

According to other sites (like WDWMagic), the new loop will be able to accommodate larger buses.

We will keep you up-to-date regarding this project. Stay tuned.

PHOTOS BY: Alex, official Orlando Theme Park News (OTPN) Staff Member.


  1. They do need to sort out the buses out at the Magic Kingdom as we been 3 times in Sept. There was no queues or had to wait for the next bus at Epcot&Hollywood studios. Animal kingdom as this closed at 5pm we got the bus to downtown Disney but with Magic Kingdom we felt we had to queue upto a hour. They really need to put more buses on it was so bad 1 day we got the monorail to Epcot and got the bus from there.

  2. I was at Animal Kingdom just more than a week ago, and saw some construction work on one of their bus stops. Could this be for the same reason?


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