Odyssey Pavilion Celebrates Epcot Center (PART 1)

As we reported just a few days ago, the former Odyssey Restaurant (now the Odyssey pavilion, largely used for special events) is currently open to Annual Passholders to allow them to convert their paper tickets to the new RFID-enabled tickets (CLICK HERE for additional information about this). In addition to that, there is a small section inside the building that is dedicated to some of the technological advancements introduced at the Walt Disney World Resort (especially at Epcot). It is truly a great little museum-like space worth seeing:

Here's the introduction to this special exhibit:

An overview of the props on display:

Many of our Readers will remember the famous Shrunken Ned's Junior Jungle Boats that were recently removed from the small river situated next to the Jungle Cruise's entrance, at the Magic Kingdom Park:

One of the many "it's a small world" dolls:

The history of the Cast Member tags:

Who doesn't recognize (and love!!) these two original Epcot Center great characters?:

A (quite creepy) moving Audio-Animatronic hand:

"Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit..." Ah, the great Kitchen Kabaret!:

Some props from the original Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at the Magic Kingdom Park include an old friend that many will remember... And, no. We are not referring to the pair of boots:

Yes, it's the parrot!:

Tom Morrow can also be found here!:

A more contemporary addition, the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom interactive card game:

A nod to the new interactive queue lines:


  1. Thanks for my daily fix of EPCOT. Although, all the years I have been visiting the park, I never actually had seen the inside of the Odyssey Pavilion. I know they have special events in there all the time it's not open to the public that I'm aware of. Thanks for that my day just got better.

  2. I wish they would find a permante use for the building, and bring back wonders of life too... CRANIUM COMMAND AND BODY WARS!


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