Magic Kingdom General Update: March 2013 (PART 1)

Hello, and welcome to a new Magic Kingdom photo-update! We will be very quick this time, as there will not be any photos of the Fantasyland area (don't worry, we'll go back to the park very soon). We hope you'll enjoy it:

Let's start from Liberty Square:

First of all, work is being done on the facade of the Sleepy Hollow Refreshments snack point:

A large tarp is now also visible in front of the Columbia Harbor House restaurant:

Moving on to Frontierland:

A section of the pathway has been resurfaced:

Big Al:

Splash Mountain was still closed to the public. It reopened today, and most reports say that the attraction has never been in better conditions. Truly great to hear that this refurbishment can be considered a success:

Most of the props and the exterior have been repainted:

The rockwork has also been fixed:

The bridge was also completely resurfaced. Work on it ended just a few days ago:

Looking good:

Logs were already floating along the river:


  1. Thanks for the great update on Splash Mountain. I'm going on my annual Disney trip next week and I'm so glad to see that it's re-opened and that I'll be able to ride it.


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