"Re-Innovated" Habit Heroes: Photos of the Exterior

The Habit Heroes exhibit has finally officially reopened at Epcot's INNOVENTIONS East. Much has changed, starting from the exterior of the exhibit. Let's take a look around, comparing the new look with the old:

The new entrance of the exhibit is the former exit:

The new warning sign now includes a note saying that the experience is "recognized by Disney's Magic of Healthy Living as contributing to a healthy lifestyle":

Some posters in the queue line:

The old post-show is now open to everybody (even if Guests want to skip the exhibit):

The new exit (which was the entrance in its original incarnation):

This area used to look much, much better. It has a terribly fake look now:

There's now a map of Epcot:

A look at the new artwork around the exterior facade:

The emergency exit near The Sum of All Thrills still exists:

Now, here you are some photos of the original look of the attraction (we took these photos back in 2012):

The former look of the exterior's facade:

As you can see, the former entrance had a lot more beautiful details that have now been removed:

That is all we have. If you would like to see a video of the interior of the attraction, CLICK HERE. We will also post some photos of the attraction itself at a later time. Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. not sure why disney makes dumb moves like that...it did look MUCH better before.

  2. Probably because it's more kid-friendly now. To a younger child, it looked a bit creepy before.

  3. So it's politically correct now?

  4. You have to look at the audience they're trying to appeal to. I'm not thinking the goal of this attraction was to open the eyes of grown adults and make them eat their vegetables.


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