International Drive: All the New Additions for 2013

The International Drive corridor will be very busy this year. Numerous new attractions, hotels, and restaurants will debut in the area during the course of 2013, and many of them are definitely major projects, like Fun Spot America's Expansion, I-Shops, I-Drive Live, and Paragon Outlets. To help us understand the scope of the expansion projects taking place in this particular area, let's take a look at a list of all of the announced projects currently under construction (information courtesy of

As you can see, there is a total of 15 projects that will soon be completed and will certainly add more exciting offers for both tourists and locals. But let's take a closer look at each and every one of these projects, thanks to this extensive document, taken directly from a PDF file courtesy of
Some points to note:
  • The new Paragon Outlets will have an extensive Western theme (sounds great to us!);
  • The I-Shops area is scheduled to be completed in late 2013;
  • The I-Shops area will also include a new bowling alley, which will open very soon;
  • I-Drive Live is now scheduled to open in summer 2014;
  • The expansion of the Orlando Premium Outlet will take place in an area of 100,000 square feet.
With all that being said, doesn't this sound exciting? After having taken a look at all these new additions, which is the one you look forward to see the most? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us!

A big thank you once again to for posting such interesting information and for providing all the documents and images included in this post.


  1. GREAT update! I loved this one ... looking forward to mid 2013-2014!

    The only thing i'm still wondering about, is if Universal is planning a Lord Of The Rings themed area. Rumor has it :)

    ThnX guys.

    Best of luck in 2013

  2. What? They are closing Festival Bay Mall?! That was a pretty cool place. You guys should take pictures of everything before they remodel it.

  3. You know, that's a good idea, Anonymous! We will try to plan a visit to the Festival Bay Mall in the next few days.

  4. And they say that the Ishop will locate on the site where wyndham is, but wyndham will not close they going to renovate there hotel till march 2013, do you know where ishop really will be.

  5. Are you sure the Festival Mall plan is still current? There was recently an article in the biz journal about Bob Snow turing it into a European market with food trucks.


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