Disney Dining Plan - 2013 Changes & Information

The Disney Dining Plan continues to be a great tool that many Guests use when staying at a Disney Resort here In Central Florida. The Disney Dining Plan will continue to be mostly the same throughout 2013, even though there is now a new option for table-service restaurants to offer menu add-ons and prix-fixe menus.
  • Prix-fixe menu: Table-service restaurants may offer a separate prix-fixe menu that is available for a retail price. Disney Dining Plan Guests can choose this option with payment of a surcharge in addition to the table-service entitlement redemption. Separate surcharges for Disney Dining Plan Guests and Deluxe, Premium, and Platinum Dining Plan Guests will be noted on menus.
    • For restaurants that offer only a prix-fixe menu (such as Cinderella’s Royal Table) or have a prix-fixe menu included on their regular a la carte menu (such as Captain’s Grille): the prix-fixe menu is fully covered by the required DDP meal entitlements.
  • Menu add-ons: Table-service restaurants may offer menu add-ons, the ability to add another protein component to their entrée selection (e.g., option to add sea scallops to entrée). This option will be listed on the menu and requires payment of a surcharge by Guests who choose this option. Disney Dining Plan Guests can choose the menu add-on with payment of the surcharge in addition to the table-service entitlement redemption.
  • Be Our Guest Restaurant: Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom Park offers fast casual service for lunch (requires one quick-service entitlement); however, for dinner, it operates as a table-service restaurant (requires one table-service entitlement).
This is a good way to offer more add-ons to the Disney Dining Plans, even though - as clearly stated above -  Guests will have to pay a surcharge for that. Since this is optional, though, it should not be a concern for anyone.

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  1. We stayed at Disney 3 times in 2007,2008&2011 and every time the big decision has been the free dinning plan. As you may be more to stay at Disney but with the 2 meals and 2 snacks each day and a resort refillable mug you end up saving lots.


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