New Interactive Game Elements at Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom Park is in the process of receiving a brand-new, Pirates-themed interactive game, which will debut next year in Adventureland. According to some rumors, this new interactive adventure will require a fee, even though plans may change, or we may not know all the particulars on the matter. We personally hope it will be included in the price of the park ticket, like Agent P's World Showcase Adventure is included for Guests visiting Epcot. Here you are some photos of these new elements:

First of all, something is being installed right next to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction:

A look behind the walls:

Moving over to the Jungle Cruise:

New cannons have been installed in the former area of the Shrunken Ned's Boats (which were recently removed):

Something interesting is taking place into the water:

What do we see here?:

It's a skeleton of a Pirate holding on to the treasure! And fish...

That hideous grate needs to be hidden, but I am sure it will be addressed very soon:

More cannons have been installed in the stroller area near the Swiss Family Treehouse:

The cannon does not move. It is pointing to something specific, it seems:

More additions nearby:

And more interactive elements still covered:

This specific interactive element is found near the entrance to Liberty Square (the tunnel with the restrooms):

This may or may not be related to this project, but some work was also taking place near the fairies meet-and-greet:

We will be back at the Magic Kingdom Park tomorrow, attending the Grand Opening event of the New Fantasyland and searching for more new hidden elements being added around Adventureland.

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