Fantasyland Update: Rapunzel's Tall Tower (PART 1)

It's a tall, tall tower! Yes, Rapunzel's very own rook has officially arrived at the Magic Kingdom, and... wow! It's really tall. But you will see that yourself in a minute, so let's start this new Fantasyland update right away:

As you can see, Rapunzel's Tower stands high at the end of the pathway leading to Liberty Square:

Notice the Haunted Mansion in the background:

Getting closer to the new area:


Some over-the -wall photos of the Tangled themed area:

The view of the area from another angle:

The village is going to be something really gorgeous:

The tower seen from various angles of Liberty Square:

Hopefully these photos will help you better visualize the scale of this tower:

We are even going to include this great panoramic photo (FULL-SIZE). Notice how it looks like Rapunzel's Tower is as tall as Splash Mountain's highest point!:

Oh, since we are here we also wanted to mention that work on The Yankee Trader is almost done:

Let's completely change location. We will now jump to the courtyard behind Cinderella Castle:

Work on the Princess Fairytale Hall continues:

The Seven Dwarfs Mine store has gotten back its sign, completely refurbished:

This is very surprising, as the store will soon close once the new ride opens in late 2013:

The refurbished sign looks great, though:

The queue railings are back at the never-open Friar's Nook:

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