Magic Kingdom General Update: Rehabs & Refurbs

Hello, and welcome to a new Magic Kingdom general update. Today we will take a quick look around the park to see what is new in all the lands of the park, except for Fantasyland (we will post an update on that very soon. Stay tuned). We will start, as always, from the beautiful Main Street U.S.A.:

Main Street looks absolutely fantastic with all the facades of the buildings refurbished:

Moving on into Adventureland:

Work on the new interactive elements continues inside the Pirates of the Caribbean queue:

The sign of the "Crow's Nest" store has now been installed above one of the side entrances of the Pirates of the Caribbean store:

...while work on the former, original "Crow's Nest" continues:


Some work is taking place on the roof of the Mansion:

Tomorrowland's main entrance is receiving some attention as well:

New lights coming soon?:

More work:

It looks like something is slightly changing. This is the refurbished side:

This is the other side that still needs to be refurbished:

Strolling through the land of the "future"... Better yet, strolling through Pixar's Land (Buzz, Monsters...):

More next-gen in Tomorrowland near Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin:

This land is in dire need of a major refurbishment:

And this concludes our update:

We hope you have enjoyed this latest Magic Kingdom photo-tour, and we look forward to see you again soon! Oh, and by the way, we will head to Epcot this afternoon. Another new update should be coming soon.


  1. Why does every other land get updates, but tomorrowland still does not? Space Mountain was like the biggest refurb, and that stupid stage came in. But the exteriors of all those buildings can really use an update.

  2. Rumor Has It Jungle Cruise Is Going to Get A Major Refurb next year

  3. HAHA the "nextgen" in tomorrowland pic is just a lamp post out for refurb

  4. Yeah, that's just a light pole in the last shots.

    For the bridge to Tomorrowland and the Hub they are installing new railings on top to prevent people from sitting on the side (and then falling into the moat.) Think of it like the bridge that they recently refurbed from Main Street to the Hub with the ornate green rails on top or over at Mexico's bridge by the Odysee.


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