Universal's Cinematic Spectacular - Photos & Video

As you know, Universal will debut an entirely new nighttime show on May 8, 2012, called "Universal's Cinematic Spectacular: 100 Years of Movie Memories. The Orlando Theme Park News Team was happy to be able to see the show on one of the special preview nights (April 26, 2012).

Let's take a look together at some photos we took. We will also conclude with a video of the entire show:

Yes, that is good to know:

Only a few hours left:

Some were filming from the top of the roof of Soundstage 44:

The sun is almost completely down:

Before the show, some beautiful shapes and patterns appear on the water screens:

It is almost ready to start!:

Here is now the video of the complete nighttime show (don't view it if you don't want to, as it is a huge spoiler):

Now, what do you think about this new show? Some criticize it because they say the show looks like a "cheap version of Disney's World of Color." Others state that this is the best Universal theme park show ever created. What about you? After having seen the photos and the video, what is your opinion about it? Feel free to share your comments with us.


  1. I believe it did what it set out to accomplish. The point of how the segments were edited was to honor the legacy that is the century's worth of films in the Universal library. By choosing to include the most recognized movies as well as some only a few may know of, Universal stays true to their desire to showcase the vast collection of "movie memories" their films exhibit.

    This show is indeed leaps and bounds ahead of the previous 360 Cinesphere show. The combination of dancing fountains, the projections on the water screens, fireworks all around you, and Morgan Freeman's wondrous narration truly make this an experience that one must judge in person.

    And don't fret those of you who are not as happy about the current show presented in these preview showings. The infrastructure is now in place for Universal Creative to tinker with and come up with even better nighttime shows in the future!

  2. I absolutely agree with you, BJCool! Also, like you said, those who may not like the current show should not worry because everything is already installed (the fountains, water screens, lights, etc...), so Universal may come up with something even better in the near future using those (and possibly other) structures.

  3. I really don't know what to think. i guess my expectations were to high ...

    It's not bad, not at all ... But i don't get the chills watching this.

    Maybe it's different if you are there in person, but i can't imagine seeing this show multiple times.

    I think the fountains bother me the most. Just because 90% of the time they don't give an extra dimension to the show. They are just colored fountains going up and down and up and down.

    The thing i loved the most is the music. The soundtracks are great. Also Freemans voice is great.

    But still, even if i DON't compare this to any other nighttime show ... it's just missing something to make this show whole.


  4. Robert, thank you for sharing your opinion. I have to agree with you regarding the fountains. While I personally love fountains a lot, I think that, like you said, they don't really add that dynamic energy to the show like I was expecting. We will see what Universal plans to do. Since these are just tests, they may make some adjustments to the show in the next few weeks, who knows...

  5. The music is amazing.. and I got chills when that Universal chime started up! I am very happy to see clips from films like JAWS, Back to the Future and Jurrasic Park.. But what really made me smile was seeing a small scene from Dragonheart(1996)!!! :-D (It's that scene towards the begining when the dragon(Draco) flies up on the screen).


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