SeaWorld Orlando: April 2012 Update (PART 2)

Thank you for continuing to read this new SeaWorld update! (PART 1 can be found here).

Let's now take a look at the progress being made in the future Antarctica area:

The restrooms are still standing:

A view from above:

Yes, it was really busy:

What was once an information center is now a Health Services area:

No show-times are shown in this space anymore:

Unfortunately, we were not able to ride the Sky Tower this time. The reason? This:

We are not sure, but this looks like a new snack point:

The Nautilus Theater seems to have new banners:

Moving on:

Meet and greet a dolphin at SeaWorld:

Work on  SeaWorld's Seven Seas Railroad continues as well:

A general look at Shamu's Happy Harbor:

Miscellaneous Comments/Observations:

The whole park was full, yet Wild Arctic had only a 10-minute wait. This shows really what people think - the themed animal exhibit is fantastic, the ride is lame:

Coke products cost less than water. Wow!:

The Bands, Brew, and BBQ area was open, but most of the booths were closed:

And that is all!:

Thank you for reading, and have a nice rest of your day!


  1. Great update, thank you very much!
    It looks like the progress on the Antarctica area is going slow but it´s a huge plot of land.

  2. Awesome update!!! I just noticed the new numbs background! I like it so much!!!!!!!

    I totally agree with you when you say that Antartica's themed animal exhibit is fantastic while the ride is lame!!!

  3. I love the Wild Arctic ride. It's the perfect prologue the rest of the attraction. Sure it's not Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, but it's still a cool attraction.

  4. As one who paid blood, sweat and tears to Seaworld I'm just dying of laughter right now at all the trouble they are having demolishing the Penguin Encounter building. There is a reason it was designated for "Hurricane Ride Out" for Park Operations!

    Although I have to say, it's just not going to be the same without that smell.

  5. @Carrie:

    I actually think they are keeping the building there.. I don't know how they are going to use it or how it will be set up, but according to blueprints, both of those buildings will stay up :)

  6. No, Wild Arctic is not Harry Potter, it's much better than that crap and other than the majority of Tomorrowland's attractions, there aren't many in this town it can say that about. Wild Arctic will always have that going for it at least.


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