LEGOLAND Update: Carousel News & More (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of this new LEGOLAND Florida update (PART 1 can be found here).

Let's continue to take a look around the park:

The park really needs to fix the top of this beautiful, themed waterfall:

The Water-Ski show is now sponsored by "Nautique":

The Burger Kitchen? The name of this outdoor quick service location is not right. It is Brickbeard's Burgers:

The beautiful Cypress Gardens entrance:

Work is being done in the Imagination area:

This will be the future location of the Warner Brothers Game Zone:

Behind the walls:

The Imagination rooms:

Some of the LEGO models made by kids - which were featured in the Imagination area - are gone:

A long line to get inside the Build & Test area:

The new I-Zone Panini shop is now open:

It sells some good, fresh sandwiches:

The giraffe-with-an-iron-bar-going-through-the-mouth:

Let's now take a look around LEGO City:

New sign for the Flight School roller coaster:

The future entrance to the new LEGOLAND Florida Water Park:

Going to the Land of Adventure:

Coastersaurus has the best theming in the park, in our opinion:

The Safari Trek:

Bushes are slowly covering that ugly fence:

A new sign has been installed next to the boarding area of the Lost Kingdom Adventure ride:

Moving over to LEGO Kingdoms, we noticed this new sign on the area's stage:

And now let's take a look at the park from the Island in the Sky:

Some work is being done in the gardens near the Snivley Mansion (Thanks Greg!):

The former Cypress Gardens "zoo":

This is rumored to be the future site of the new LEGOLAND Hotel:

Going toward the exit, we noticed that they stills ell "Grand Opening" t-shirts:

Everybody loves LEGOs!:


This is a new sign:

That's all, folks! Thank you very much for reading, and have a great rest of your day.


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  1. The "white house" is the Snivley Mansion and was originally owned by Citrus grower John Snivley. Here's an article about it: Snivley Mansion

    Also, looks like some changes being done outside of the Conservatory/Greenhouse because many of the trees have been removed. My guess is that part of the tour will be outside. Makes sense to me.

  2. Thank you for the information about the Snivley Mansion, Greg! I will update the post.

    Also, that is interesting that they removed trees instead of adding more (especially since it will be a tour about nature)... I am curious to see the finished product, as it looks like it is going to be a nice addition to an under-utilized area.

  3. good pics, i really like these photo updates.

    i've got to say that the park doesn't grab me. it seems to me that they opened it before it was finished, that management is a bit weak, and it just lacks the magic.

    if you have time, look at some pictures etc. of legoland windsor in the uk. that is how this park should be.


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