"Pre-Flower & Garden Festival" Epcot Update: PART 2

Thank you for continuing to read this new Epcot photo-report (PART 2 can be found here).

We will continue by taking a look at... Monorail Green:

A lot of  Festival booths have popped up in World Showcase:

A nice bird:

Notice that the feet look like leaves!

Another garden:

Our favorite year-round garden:

The Victoria Gardens:

Les "Serveurs Amusant" were performing:

Another garden between France and Morocco:

Work on the columns of the American Garden Theater continues:

They have also either repainted or replaced some of the stones on the base of one of the columns:


Artistic shot:

Work on Tutto Italia continues:

Behind the walls:

This should be the entrance to the new wine bar, "Gusto" (which means "Flavor" in Italian, by the way):

A look at the front of the restaurant:

This rehab was definitely needed:

Did you know that you can see the Characters in Flight balloon in between of the buildings of the Germany Pavilion? Don't believe me? Ask the dish... ahem, I mean, take a look:

Between the Germany and Africa pavilions there will soon be the new Haitian Gardens:

At night, we went back to the Canada Pavilion...

...and we noticed that the entrance to the former shop located inside the Castle... was open!:

Here's what's inside:

It is now basically a storage room, and there's a very strong moldy smell:

And now, here you are just a couple of Illuminations photos:

For me, this is still the best Disney show ever created:

By the way, some changes should soon come to the Transportation and Ticket Center and to the Epcot monorail station. In fact, some paperwork was recently filed to change these gates and make them automatic:

This concludes this new Epcot update. Thank you again for reading, and have day full of wonders and discoveries!


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  1. Nice update. I like the couple of pictures of Illuminations.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Grumpy Dougie! We will post some more Illuminations pictures in the near future.

  3. We are getting excited for the F&G Show! We love the HGTV presentations and will be there each weekend! :) The plantings around the lagoon look amazing this year! :)

  4. I think they need to update the TTC.


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