New Fantasyland: Castles, Lagoons, & Circuses (Part 1)

This Fantasyland photo-update is going to be one of the most interesting reports we have ever published. Why? Well, because, in just a few days since our last major Fantasyland update, a lot of new details have been put up in some areas of the new Fantasyland. Let's take a look together, starting from the Skyway:

As you can see, the demolition of the main Skyway building has been almost completed:

The Skyway Tower is still standing:

It will probably be re-purposed for the new themed area that will be created in that same spot:

Peter Pan's Flight is still receiving some work in the FASTPASS queue. Notice also the missing light:

A quick glimpse over the walls:

Now let's move on to the Beauty and the Beast's area. Work on the castle walls continues:

Some great details have appeared on the chimneys of Maurice's Cottage:

Beast's Castle:

It is really nice to check out all the small particulars of the structure:

Look at the particulars of the Castle's Main Entrance!:

A high-resolution photo:

The "mountains" next to the castle look great too:

Belle's Village is also slowly taking shape:

Nearby, we noticed that some work is being done on the facade of the "Storybook Treats" snack point:

The columns are being repainted:

Work also continues on the foundations of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride:

Let's now move to one of the most beautiful areas of the new Fantasyland Forest: The Little Mermaid's Bay:

As you can see, some fantastic themed elements have been added to Prince Eric's Castle:


  1. Photos again too large for iPhone width view. Most updates fit perfectly, but this and one earlier this week don't fit. I'm missing out as I can only see a bit of each picture.

  2. @Anonymous I mean you can use a computer... I am sure you have one. I don't see how you could be missing out.

  3. Aside from the unhelpful comment, the one picture in this update that "fits" is the beast castle high resolution picture.

  4. On Android, no problem!!!!

    Just a question: where do you shot the 6 beginning picture?? It seems you were on the second floor of a building but i can't understand which one!

  5. Harbor House Seafood?

  6. The side scrolling to next & previous blog posts for mobile users is extreamly annoying. "Physical " buttons on the page would be much better usability wise. Mid-scroll it would send me to another post.

  7. The issue is compounded by the fact that the pictures are too large and when you "scroll" to look at them, your page mistakes this for a "swipe" and you are transported to a new page.

  8. We are sorry to hear that there are problems when reading our updates on an iPhone. When I look at the site on my iPad, everything works perfectly. Unfortunately I don't know why it is different with the iPhone (aside from the fact that the screen is smaller).
    Please, continue to keep us up-to-date if the problems persist.
    Thank you for your patience.

  9. Can't see the photos at all the last days :-(

  10. I'm on a computer and can only see half of most of the pics. :(

  11. Have you tried reloading the page, Anonymous? Sometimes the page may not load right the first time on some web browsers.


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