Fantasyland Update: Castle Walls Revealed (PART 1)

Didn't we just have a new Fantasyland update just three days ago? Yes, indeed. But things are starting to move much, much faster since the beginning of this year, so there's something new to report each and every day! Let's see what is new since our last visit, this time starting from Storybook Circus:

Work on the Barnstormer continues:

Near the Speedway:

The roof of the second outdoor queue has been painted as well:

The older Dumbo:

New lights are currently being installed all around the area:

A closer look at some of them:

Great job:

The Storybook Circus station:

The two other tents will soon receive their new outer covers. They will both look much nicer than the former Mickey's Toontown Fair tents (only the "shell" of the tents is the same. All the rest has been changed):

The Big Top:

Pete's Silly Sideshow (?):

Beautiful rocks adorn the short walls throughout the place:

Moving over to the other side of Fantasyland, we noticed that a section of the new Castle Walls has been revealed. They really look very nice! We can't wait to see the entire wall going through the land:

Check out these new themed lights!:

This section (near the restrooms) is still behind walls:

The Beauty and the Beast's themed area:

Maurice's Cottage:

Beast's Castle:

Belle's Village:


  1. So every update now the photos are too big to view on iPhone and won't let you scroll to look. Frustrating and don't want to stop visiting!

  2. I can't view them like I used to either! Annoying!

  3. Also, when you're on your regular computer, the photos don't always all load (some of them are half-grey). Not sure if other folks are seeing this too.

    In any case, we really appreciate all the work you do!!

  4. We will try another new photo host starting from our next update. Thank you very much for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience!

  5. re: viewing photos.

    On my iPhone 4S, I am able to touch the phone's screen then select "save image" for the New Fantasyland photos on this blog. The image saved is the whole picture, not a partial. You may have to touch your screen in a few diferent spots before the save image option pops up.


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