Magic Kingdom, Epcot: When They Are Busy... (Part 1) should go somewhere else. Ah, so true. When the Magic Kingdom and Epcot (two of the world's busiest theme parks) get really busy, it may negatively affect your vacation, and it surely will make you feel overwhelmed. After all, having to deal with massive crowds in a theme park is not really in most people's dreams. Of course, most people should expect that they will have to stand long lines if they choose to come during the last few weeks of December or if they visit Orlando during Spring Break.

Anyway, that introduction sums up exactly what you will be seeing in this update: photos of Magic Kingdom and Epcot, along with people, people, and even more... people. Let's start with the Magic Kingdom:

Here we go...

Question: What should people do to get a relief from this crowded situation? The sign in the middle of Main Street answers the question:

Even balloons had a small place to move around:

A little relief:

15 minutes for an attraction? That's not bad at all!:

Unfortunately, the attraction we are talking about is the Swiss Family Treehouse. A walk-through attraction:

The situation in Adventureland:

Pirates of the Caribbean had a 65-minute line that even ran OUTSIDE the huge indoor queue building:

Ahoy, Mateys! Rough seas ahead!:

Going to Frontierland:

Thunder Mountain:

120-minute queue:

The same for Splash Mountain:

More Frontierland crowds:

The Diamond Horseshoe restaurant was open after 5 p.m.:

The Menu:

The situation should be better in Tomorrowland! Nope...

Stitch's Great Escape! had a line. Unbelievable you say. Yes...

Monsters, INC.:

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. 85 minutes:

Space Mountain:

The line for the TTA PeopleMover:

Enough is enough, right? We should move to Epcot. That park is twice as big as the Magic Kingdom, and will therefore be much less crowded. Totally wrong:

The newer, turnstile-free entrance has now been replaced with a traditional entrance. Once again:

Here we go again:

Line for Spaceship Earth:

60 minutes. I have never waited more than 1 minute to ride it (which is a masterpiece, by the way):

The end of the extended line:

Some of the park's wait times:

The busiest rides:

Well, Soarin' was bad too:

Want to see more photos? Then click on this link for PART 2! >


  1. Glad to see Spaceship Earth has a huge line, Best ride there besides Test Track

  2. wow. NO.THANK.YOU!!!!!
    so much $ paid to wait in line, I wonder ho many rides those folks actually went on in 1 day???

  3. Oh good grief! Just looking at the pictures gives me anxiety. No thank you, I'll go in early November over this any day! You still get all the holiday decorations with only a fraction of the crowds!

  4. Pretty dumb of people to go to Disney when it's going to be THAT crowded. Disney should close with 25% fewer people than try to cram as many in as they can. But I guess it's okay for them since no one complains...

  5. I simply could't handle those crowds. Made the mistake once of being in Busch Gardens the Wednesday before Easter which was pretty busy. The newest ride at the time was Rhino Rally but had a 2 hour waiting time

    I stayed there 5 hours before the queues forced me to leave. In that time I went on 4 rides. Spent most of my time looking at the animals which fortunately weren't nearly so busy

    I imagine Disney at Christmas is a wonderful experience. Unfortunately its also a popular experience so crowds are unavoidable!

  6. We were at Magic Kingdom for about 3 hours New Year's Eve Night (from about 7pm to 10pm). We were able to do 3 rides in three hours which isn't horrible considering the crowds. This was our 4th year visiting the Magic Kingdom on New Year's Eve and this was the most crowded we've seen it. What I found amazing was the lines to the bathrooms which was about a 20 to 30 minute wait! I love all things Disney but this was even a bit much for me.

  7. thanks so much for this....i WON'T be booking between Christmas & new years 2012 for sure now! it was being considered....we've been the week before Christmas, crowds were not like this! geeeez!

  8. We go mid to late May and have had no waits at all...this is it always like this, this time of year?

  9. I went to Magic Kingdom for the first time for New Year's Eve. Arrived at 9:30 am, the lines were long but we were able to go on quite a few rides as well as see parades, shows and of course the midnight fireworks. Certain areas were very congested but overall it was worth it, the dance party in front of the castle and midnight fireworks were fantastic as evidenced by the number of youtube videos posted.


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