January 2012: The Time To Say Goodbye...

Farewell. Adieu. Addio. Auf Wiedersehen.

"Goodbye to what?", you will ask. Well, January 2012 has started in a quite sad way for many of us. Indeed, during the first few days of the month, we had to say goodbye to some original attractions of two major theme parks in Central Florida. Indeed, on January 3, 2012, we officially waved goodbye to "JAWS," which was one of the last original rides of Universal Studios Florida (we have some photos of the Amity Village right here). That has been very though, even for us here at Orlando Theme Park News, as we were big fans of the ride. Another attraction that recently closed to the public was "Penguin Encounter," another original attraction that closed at SeaWorld Orlando on that very same day: January 3, 2012. In this case, though, very few people were actually sad about the closure of the pavilion because the area that will replace it will have the same exact theme, but it will look a thousands time better and bigger (more information here).

But wait, there's more. Another original attraction will close on January 9, 2012 at the original theme park that started it all, right here in Central Florida: The Magic Kingdom. Indeed, "Dumbo the Flying Elephant" will soon close and be completely removed from its current location. Of course, that is not considered a loss at all, especially since the area where the attraction was formerly situated will look much more open. In addition to that, the Dumbo ride will simply be moved (and thoroughly refurbished) in the new Storybook Circus area of Fantasyland. Now, which of those rides will you miss the most?


  1. It's not even the original Dumbo; the old, smaller, and much less elaborate base waved goodbye to us in 1993.

  2. I will miss for sure Jaws, it was a great and funny ride!!!

    Ok, now we know which attraction are closing, but someone ave any idea when those area will reopen with their new attraction???
    2012, 2013 o 2014???

  3. Jaws will be truly missed. Let's hope the E.T. ride will stay for a long time. I also miss The Back To The Future ride. Rides based on Steven Spielbergs brilliant movies were great.I'm glad I got to experience them all on my visits to Orlando in 1997 and 2009, but after that said, its exciting to see whats in store for future visits:-)


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