General Magic Kingdom Update: Tarps Galore (Part 3)

Welcome to the final part of this new Magic Kingdom update (for PART 2, please, click on this link). We've something more to see around the park.

The last land that we can find in the park (going clockwise) is Tomorrowland:

The Disney Vacation Club booth in Tomorrowland still showcases the old DVC logo. It will change soon:

Work continues on the bases of the TTA Peoplemover:

A new themed popcorn cart has appeared near the Tomorrowland Stage:

The color scheme matches the color of the entrance of Space Mountain (green fluorescent):

The new flat screens at Stitch's Great Escape:

And now, let's have a look at some more miscellaneous news from around the park:

The "Celebrate a Dream Come True" parade is back...

The famous castle float now has a new sign, which says "Celebrate Today!," even though that campaign has been over since more than a year...

Oh, well. This parade is lame anyway.

Going back to Main Street, we noticed that they unveiled yet another new interactive element:

I love the small particulars:

There's even Marceline, the place where Walt Disney had a lot of childhood memories:

Oh, and here's another portal, found next to the Mickey's Philarmagic FASTPASS lane in Fantasyland:

Time to say goodbye:

- Outside the park -

Work should start soon on the future site of the new additional bus stops:

Also, as a bonus, here's a look at the craziness created by the recent Walt Disney World Marathon:

There were hundreds of buses like this one, taking around people who participated in the marathon:

Yes, those are bathrooms:

And this concludes our latest Magic Kingdom update (phew! It was long, wasn't it?) See you soon!


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  1. We're scheduled to visit Disney World in 10 days. I am just sick about all the tarps and closed attractions. May just skip the Magic Kingdom and visit Legoland instead.

  2. Just a little correction: Walt wasn't born in Marceline -- in fact he only lived there for a few years. However he felt those years to be some of the most important time in his childhood.

  3. Thanks for the correction, James. We made a typo (Walt was born in Chicago). You seem to have a good knowledge of Walt's early life!

  4. Wow, has there ever been this much refurbishment of the park at one time before? Seems like after this they won't have to do any work on the park for the next 20 years!

  5. @Greg haha it might seem that way but Disney always fixes things. Like Walt Disney said they always want to "plus it". And yes a lot of work is being done, i guess they want the park to look good when the phases of fantasyland are done.

  6. They should just put one great big tarp around the whole park with a sign out-front that says closed.

  7. Come on people, the Main Street facades are over 40 years old! Big Thunder is over 30 years old. They've got to work on basic maintenance sometime.

    I agree with Dean, they probably want to make sure most of the small refurbishments are out of the way and the park looks immaculate before crowds descend on the new Fantasyland later this year.

  8. I'm cool with rehabbing the park, BUT it should not be opened in this state. Close the Magic Kingdom for a month and do everything in that month. Pecos Bills has been under rehab forever. Does really take that long.

  9. Be realistic now: Disney will NEVER close MK just for refurb, they make far too much money out of it. Close the park and they probably couldn't afford to do the rehabs!

    Of all the people complaining about the tarps: how many of you have actually visited the park while the work was going on? While I accept that lots of tarps are an eyesore (there are currently too many in Main St imo) I can guarantee there is still enough unaffected with in MK to keep you entertained all day

    Or would you really rather the park close so you can't visit it at all?

  10. It's better if it were closed. I would feel ripped off if I paid to go there only to see tarps and closed attractions. If Walt was alive that would have never been tolerated.

  11. The funny thing is. If none of the tarps were up and nothing was being fixed. I bet most of you would be saying everything needs it. You can't have it both ways. Calm down. No one is making you go during times of renovation and expansion.

  12. I'm in the "Don't go if you don't want to see the tarps" camp, too.

    If someone prefers run-down traditional theme parks there are plenty of them out there. This one is different.

    1. I actually check in the Caribbean beach resort on the 29 Im not happy about the tarps but I'm glad everything is getting renovated for my future visits.

  13. We attended the park this past week with our two kids. We hardly noticed the tarps. Disney was fun for our whole family. I would prefer to visit disney in a down time with tarps than try to fight the crowds at disney during the busy seasons.

  14. I went to Magic Kingdom right around this update. (well, a week before) The tarps were definitely unobtrusive and I had my eye out for them. The park is definitely worth visiting still, plenty to do and see up and running. However, I do think it's kind of cool to see things in construction (had a lot of fun trying to see the grotto over the barriers!), so maybe I don't have the best opinion.

  15. Close the Magic Kingdom for refurbishment. Anybody remember Chevy Chase's Vacation to Wally World? Imagine poor Audrey and Rusty's disappointment at not seeing Mickey and Cinderella Castle because the ice cream shop is getting repainted. Really! Poor Clark Griswald.

  16. When will most of the work be finished

  17. My family always visits Disney World during the off season so we have gotten used to seeing the tarps. I actually kind of like them now. It means something new is coming to the park! It's kind of exciting. I can't imagine skipping a Disney park in favor of Legoland. That seems kind of ... crazy. You never see tarps at Legoland because everything is shabby and run down and never gets redone.


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