Disney's Animal Kingdom General Update (PART 2)

Hello, and thank you for sticking with us. Let's continue our tour of Disney's Animal Kingdom (PART 1 can be found here):

Expedition: Everest is really a fantastic attraction. If only the Yeti would be fixed...

I mean, who doesn't like this?:

The beautiful Asian land:

Flights of Wonder includes a brief appearance by the fantastic Bald Eagle:

This is really a great sight:

Let's take a look around Dinoland U.S.A.:

The infamous Primeval Whirl:

I don't know why this monstrous attraction is still standing:

This is one of the least-attractive areas of the park:

DINOSAUR is a great attraction, despite the look of its surrounding area:

The exit of the attraction now finally has flat screens (it was about time!):

You can really tell that there used to be much older televisions over there:

The ride had just reopen after having had some technical issues:

The great Time Rovers:

It's fast. It's a blast. It's in the past:

The CTX Rovers (it refers to the former name of the attraction: Countdown To eXtinction):

Time to go home...

And this is all. As usual, thank you for reading, and have a great rest of your day.


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  1. They need to redo a lot of this park and theme it more to Disney. You go to Disney to see Disney related stuff. Not this, you have zoos and Bush Gardens for this. Also they need to take out DINO LAND, or at least Primeval Whirl. Come on guys make this park better!

  2. I agree Primeval Whirl is a carnival themed ride, i hate it. put a different ride in!

  3. Nice seeing the park again... The one and only time I've been there was for an employee preview day when "Dinosaur" was called "Countdown to Extinction." Boy was that a rough ride!

  4. This is my most favorite park. It´s beautiful and the animals are great. They take me back when uncle Walt showed us his animal documentaries. There are more than enough movie characters in there (Nemo, Lion King, It´s tough to be a bug) it doesn´t need that character kitsch like they creped all over Epcot. It´s a shame most Americans can´t enjoy the park for what it is and the beauty the imagineers created. Too often I see parents running around hitting the attractions while the kids see the beautiful animals and just want to take time to enjoy them, so sad.
    Yes the whole carnival stuff can be seen, in all his ugliness, at the Old Town and Fun Spot, so Disney clean that part of the park up and make it stunning and beautiful. We are talking Dinosaurs! You must be able to build some amazing attraction to capture the wonder of it all.

  5. Theme it more to Disney? Do you not see the ginormous Disney-created Mount Everest? If you're talking about character franchises, I don't see why Disney would need to suck the originality out of this park. Save that for Magic Kingdom. I do however, believe Avatar is going to bring this place a promising future.


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