Storybook Circus: The Great Scaffolding Appears

Welcome to a new Storybook Circus update! Today we have quite a few news to share with you, therefore we will start right away by taking a look at the humongous scaffolding that has gone up all around the future home of Dumbo's interactive queue:

As you can clearly see, work is speeding up to get the area ready to open early next year:

The three-ring circus will surely look fantastic:

A look at the new circus tent from another angle:

The building that will house the new interactive queue is really massive:

A closer look at one of the two covered outdoor queues for one of the Dumbo attractions:

The new Dumbo ride is showcasing a lot of new details:

The golden storks are new:

The base also has a lot of nice details:

Notice the typical "D" of Dumbo:

Goofy's Barn (the loading/unloading station of "The Great Goofini" coaster) is now red!:

It looks nice:

The two older circus tents have received new iron trusses:

A closer look at the new trusses:

A lot of work is going on behind the scenes:

The new train station is coming along as well:

Also, a pathway has been opened next to the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups:

The attention to details on the concrete is commendable:

It's almost time to say goodbye to the old Dumbo (which will be reused in the new location anyway):

And that is all for now. We will have many more pictures of all the other areas of Fantasyland very soon.
Thank you very much for viewing, and have a great rest of your day!


  1. Thanks for the update! The wagon tracks and horseshoe tracks in the concrete look so cool and I can't wait to see them in person!

  2. I agree with Emily that the wagon tracks and the horseshoes in the concrete looks very cool! (^o^)

  3. I know some don't agree, but I'm really glad Disney is doing all this work in Magic Kingdom at one time. I'm also glad they didn't close the park to do it (there's still plenty to see!). Once this work is complete (including the Fantasyland expansion), the park will be perfect and pristine and brand new! It is worth the wait. I cannot wait to see it when it's done!


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