Magic Kingdom General Update - The Geyser is Back

Hello, and welcome to a new, "quick" Magic Kingdom update (it includes more than 40 photos, but we usually have much longer updates). Let's take a look around the park, starting from Main Street U.S.A. where new interactive elements for the new game are currently being installed::

And, you know what was in this window? A representation of the Little Mermaid's world:

More new interactive elements:

Moving to Adventureland, you will certainly know that the Swiss Family Treehouse has already reopened:

You can find a complete photo-tour of the refurbished Treehouse by clicking here.

More interactive elements:

Work on the passage between Adventureland and the Pirates of the Caribbean Plaza are finally over:

It looks great:

New tarps have appeared on the side of Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Inn Cafe' (This facade certainly has some issues!):

The rest of the facade looks fantastic, though:

Moving on to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Let's ride it very quick- - -

Woah! Oh, that's better (it was a mistake, the ride didn't really have a 110-minute wait):

The ride is ready to undergo a major refurbishment:

The track is missing all the pieces of theming, and it looks quite sad:

One of the theming elements has already been fixed in the meantime. Take a look at this geyser (that has not been working for years!):

It's great to see the "old faithful" back:

Here's a quick video of the geyser we recently took:

The Main Street Band in Liberty Square:

In Tomorrowland, the themed sign that advertised fictional places in the land of Tomorrow is currently under refreshments (and the Robot-News statue is still missing too):

Going back to Main Street:

It's unacceptable to see such an un-themed area:

They should either cover it better, or give it a theme:

The flag pole was placed near the Town Hall due to the recent taping on December 2 and 3:

And we close this update with a look at this nice, new artwork of the Magic Kingdom:

Look closely:

It already features Prince Eric's Castle that will soon open to the public with the rest of the New Fantasyland!:

And this is all! Thank you very much for viewing, and have a great day!

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  1. They might as well set up a tilt-a-whirl in front of the castle. The park is a disgrace. All this construction and they will be closing thunder mountain too. WOW

  2. Personally, I appreciate the efforts underway to update the attractions. Though I would never call WDW a disgrace, I was disappointed in my last two visits to see things that had degraded. "All this construction" is what it takes to make WDW so special. Someone on this board said that the push to renovate right now stems from(at least in part) the lower cost of building materials.

    On our last visit we had to skip Splash Mountain because it was closed for this type of refurbishment (it reopened the week after we visited). Although a disappointment at the time, we knew that on our next visit we would have a much better Splash Mountain to ride.

    Big Thunder Mountain will reopen before you know it.

  3. Walt Disney would never want people to see the Magic Kingdom in this state!!! Funspot is in better shape.

  4. @ Both Anonymous

    "Rome wasn't built in a day"

    Walt Disney World continues to expand thanks to construction. I'm sorry to break it to you, but pixie dust isn't real. It's not rocket science. They could have done this at different times but they decided to do the improvements sooner and simultaneously for the sake of guests' future visits. Their work should be lauded for they are bettering their park as whole.

  5. They should close the park and finish it then reopen it. This is very tacky. If they had the work done 24/7 it wouldn't take a month. I'm sorry but I worked for Disney for 13 years and this is terrible Show quality. Six Flags is better than this.

  6. Well, I was at the park in 1973, when most of Tomorrowland was essentially a large crater during the construction of Space Mountain, Carousel of Progress, and the StarJets and PeopleMover. Didn't ruin my trip then, and some needed rehabs (and with themed scrims too!) certainly won't ruin my trip now.

    The park is 40 years old. Florida has a wet and harsh climate. Wood rots, roofs fail, concrete cracks.

    The refreshed parts of Frontierland, Adventureland, and Main Street look wonderful, so they should keep it up.

  7. So let me get this right, you'll bitch and moan that the park is falling apart, and you'll continue to do the same when the parks try and correct the issues. Check. Sounds like you might be happier at Six Flags where they all have some downtime throughout the year to fix their issues.

  8. Yeah, people complain when they're fixing stuff, I don't get that.

    So you guys can't complain about the current state of Splash then.

  9. SIX FLAGS? Have you been the one in Georgia? They could never shut down one of the parks as there is always crowds. There will always be refurbs and something to fix... No matter it's a SPECAIL place!!!


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