Fantasyland Update: Belle's Village & More (PART 3)

And here we are on part 3 of this new Fantasyland update (for PART 2, click here).

Let's check out the rest of this land of Fantasy:

First of all, here's another look at the recently-refurbished Enchanted Grove, which is now the Cheshire Cafe':

A new seating area has been added next to the building:

For more photos of the Cheshire Cafe', click here!

The Fantasyland wall has been moved a bit. For more photos of the new path that was recently opened near the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups, click here.

Snow White will have to relocate soon:

Cinderella Castle:

This is another great castle (by the way, where can you find this picture? HINT: It's in a building located near "Snow White's Scary Adventures..."):

Three windows have been changed up to install new interactive elements for the Magic Kingdom's new game:

This is one of them:

Do you see that little house right in front? Well, we may see Tinkerbell over there...

There will surely be also a bird in that cage (notice the glass that will be used for the projection):

This is the second window:

Nothing to see here yet:

And this is the third window, located next to "La Fontaine de Cendrillon":

It is very elaborate:

And this concludes our new Fantasyland update. We hope you enjoyed the photos! Have a great rest of the evening, and remember to join us on Facebook and to subscribe to our weekly newsletter, if you haven't done so already! Thank you!

Please, click to the following links to proceed to PART 1 or to PART 2 of this update >


  1. Amazing update as Usual!

    We see all the outside details, you can only imagine what it is looking like inside the, "Be Our Guest!" Restaurant.

  2. Thank you so much for posting these updates. The pictures are fantastic just like the details that are being added. I can't wait to see the Forest completed, but I know that I will miss all of these updates and excitment as well as the anticapation that comes with seeing what's appearing next!

  3. I meant anticipation :)

  4. Looking forward to see the end product, looking amazing at the moment :) brill update as always!


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