Splendid China Update - Still Nothing Happening

If you have been among the very few Orlando visitors that had the opportunity of visiting Splendid China before it closed down its doors forever in December 2003, you will surely remember all the great miniatures and gorgeous gardens that the park showcased. Unfortunately, we have personally never had the pleasure to see the park when it was open (between 1993 and 2003). Despite that, all of a sudden, yesterday we decided to take a look at the place (only from outside, of course, since the entire park is walled-off as private property), just to see if anything at all had been done in the area after all these years, especially since more than a year ago, in May 2010, CFNews13 reported that a new sport complex was to be built in place of the now-closed Splendid China.

Then, what has changed since the park closed its doors on December 31, 2003? Hardly anything:

A bare chain fence tries to maintain thieves and curious people out:

Nature has overtaken the entire area:

The entrance to the park:

Many of the buildings of the park still stand, completely abandoned and waiting for somebody to do something:

So sad... We'll continue to keep you informed in case there should be any developments about this subject.


  1. you can take at look at the inside of the abandoned park on adamthewoo.com

  2. Adam has good pictures, if you'd like I can give you copies of my own taken there in 2009.


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