More Info on Clearwater Marine Aquarium Expansion

As we reported some time ago, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, located in Pinellas County, near Tampa Bay) will soon be undergoing a truly major expansion, that will completely transform the guests' areas, as well as the animals exhibits. Indeed, thanks to the movie that was recently shot in the Aquarium, the number of guests visiting the attraction are constantly increasing. The movie is called "Dolphin Tale," and it relates the true story of Winter, the dolphin who lost his tail at sea and that survived with a man-made tail made at the Clearwater marine Aquarium, where he is residing right now.

This is the projected attendance for the next few years, and you can notice, a bigger, newer facility is really needed to welcome all these guests:

By 2015, the Aquarium will attract almost 1,000,000 people! That's really a huge number. To make a comparison, think that LEGOLAND Florida, one of Central Florida's major theme parks, wants to attract at least 2,000,000 guests during its first year (then this number will surely get higher, but so will also the number of guests visiting the Clearwater Marine Aquarium).

Take a look at the changes that will be done on the Aquarium, given that the donations they will receive in the next few years will allow them to go ahead with this major project. (NOTE: the following photos are subject to the copyright of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, and have been taken from the official website of the Aquarium. This is how the Clearwater Aquarium looks today:

This is how it will look in the near future:

The new stadium where guests will be able to see new shows:

The brand-new rehabilitation center:

An aerial view of the renovated Clearwater Marine Aquarium:
It will surely look much, much better. We are looking forward to visit the Aquarium, and to see Winter!
If you have already had the opportunity of visiting the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, feel free to share your comments and thoughts about the attraction with us!

All the photos here posted are subject to the copyright of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. All rights reserved.


  1. Having been to the aquarium several times, I must say that this is a welcome expansion. The facility truly does great work, but it looks dirty in some areas and is extremely small. There is quite a bit on display and there is quit a bit to do there, but it could be so much more. They really push for educating its visitors, and they do a great job with this. It is great to see such a deserving place expand.

  2. Its pretty but It looks too much like sea world. I hate to see them do the stupid tricks for food that defeats the whole rescue thing totally not worth saving an animal to live like that.

  3. Since the Clearwater Marine Aquarium is spending $14M on an expansion of the current aquarium I don't understand why the acquarium would add more debt by building a second acquarium for $160M to the local Tax Payers.


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