Magic Kingdom Update - Tarps, Walls, & Co. (PART 2)

Hello, and welcome to part of our new Magic Kingdom update! (for PART 1, please, CLICK HERE).
Let's continue our tour of Frontierland, starting from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad:

We had never noticed this moving speaker near the Frontierland Trading Post:

More interactive elements:

Other interactive elements in Liberty Square:

The new railings are not very nice-looking:

Another location:

Moving to Tomorrowland:

Work continue on the planters all around the land:

Work also continue near the TTA Peoplemover:

The old Robot that was sitting here is still gone, replaced by a plant:

Going through the TTA Peoplemover:

The lights were on inside Space Mountain:

Some (blurry) photos inside the attraction:

More walls:

NEW - The first pre-show room of Stitch's Great Escape has finally received new LCD screens:

This is both a good and a bad news. It is great that they care about the attraction, but it is bad that they are still keeping Stitch's Great Escape, as only about 5% of the people who visit the attraction actually like it:

Going out of the park:

Flynn Rider may not be meeting guests anymore inside the park, but he still uses the WDW Transportation:

Thank you very much for reading! For PART 1, please, CLICK HERE!

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  1. Lovley update as usual. Quick question though. Do you read the "contact us" e-mails. email me at:

  2. Hi, Sam! Yes, we did read your message, and we apologize for the delay in our answer. We're going to get back to you very soon, as at this moment we are very busy, and once again, we really apologize for the disguide.
    Thank you very much for your patience!

  3. I am SO excited for this interactive game. It looks like it'll be more extensive than the EPCOT one, which I love to pieces. Have there been any hints as to what the theming will be?


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