Magic Kingdom Update - Tarps, Walls, & Co. (PART 1)

Are you ready for a new Magic Kingdom update? We hope so, as we have a lot of pictures to share with you today! So, let's start right away (as we usually do), and let's take a look around the park:

Work continue on the two arches that lead to Main Street U.S.A.:

Town Square:

The Engine Co. 71 store is still under refurbishment:

It was a quite busy day:

Work continue next to the Crystal Arts shop:

The tarps on the shop are really huge... and very well done:

They are very realistic:

The entrance to the shop:

Cinderella Castle:

Peter Pan was meeting right in front of Adventureland:

The new bridge to Adventureland is great as always...

But it is already showing that they don't really clean it. Notice the big (real) spiderweb:

Work continue on the major refurbishment of the Swiss Family Treehouse (CLICK HERE to know more):

NEW - A new tarp has been put up near the Sunshine Pavilion:

It may be related to the new interactive game, coming soon to the park:

Will it be something related to these torches?:

The sign of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room has received a new set of LED lights:

Pirates of the Caribbean:

Tortuga Tavern:

Work continue on the gateway between Frontierland and the Caribbean Plaza:

- Moving to Frontierland -

NEW - The Golden Oak Outpost has recently received a new, much more limited menu:

Work continues on Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Inn Cafe':

New wooden fences have been put into place all around the area:

And, this is all for part 1. Please, CLICK HERE to view PART 2 of this same update!


  1. The Magic Kingdom looks terrible. What a disgrace. Walt would be rolling in his grave. How long does it take to redo a building? They built Legoland faster than this.

  2. Would you prefer that they close the park while they update the attractions??
    It's always hard for those of us who never actually knew Walt to say what he would be doing, but I think keeping everything in top shape was in keeping with his philosophy.

  3. Wow, I'm surprised they would do so much as the same time!

  4. How sad to see so many tarps and walls. We're planning a visit in January, but if there is still so much construction, we may skip Magic Kingdom and visit LegoLand instead.

  5. I agree with the comment above that closing the park for an extended period would be much worse. The tarps that look almost exactly like the building in detail are amazing and I am actually looking forward to seeing them when we go in a few weeks. While there is nothing wrong with going to LegoLand, a REAL Disney fan would not skip Magic Kingdom to go there instead just because of construction.

  6. Hey, I love your pix and appreciate the effort, but clean a sign because of a spider web? C'mon... I'm hoping your sarcasm just didn't come through and you weren't serious.

    Re: so many projects, Disney corp has the great advantage of being able to borrow so much $ now (at lower rates) that they can do so much construction. The downturn has also made costs of construction cheaper, so... silver lining?

  7. @Next-to-last Anonymous: I agree, all these tarps are actually very well done, and they are almost invisible. These refurbishment are essential to maintain their buildings in great shape. Yes, there are many things going on all at once, but the final result will be absolutely amazing.

    @ Last Anonymous: Of course we were joking! It was a funny reference to how Attentive to details we are!
    There are way more important things to do in the park! :-)

  8. I'm VERY excited about all the refurbishment. It's not just because of cheap borrowing costs and cheap construction costs. It's also about getting the park to look perfect in time for the completion of the Fantasyland Expansion. Once that is completed, there shouldn't be ANY refurbs going on in Magic Kingdom. It will be worth it once they're finished!

  9. I am not against fixing the park up at all. My point is that it shouldn't take that long. They have working on Pecos Bills for nine months. You can build an entire building in six. The park should just close for a month end fix everything in that month.

  10. So say they closed the park for an entire random month. Someone who made their reservations a year ago, six months ago whatever was going to be there during that time. Suddenly their entire vacation plan has to be changed-time off work etc. It makes much more sense to be able to have park guests come at any given time and deal with a few refurbs going on than have to loose money on closing the park and rescheduling ALL of the reservations made for that time. I would appreciate being in Disney anytime-refurbs or not!

  11. I think the tarps make the park look cheap like a carnival. Six flags doesn't even stoop that low. Disney is stooping to new lows. Busch Garrdens parks and Dollywood put Disney parks too shame.

  12. lol i love unfounded statements as seen by the last anonymous, so amusing.

  13. Wow ! it very beautiful place guys. so i happy. thank you for it great post. Suspended ceiling

  14. I don't understand the complaints here. The new tarps are MUCH better than the old "pardon our pixie dust" walls we got before. When they first started using the tarps, I couldn't get over what a great idea it was. And really, Dollywood is better? Now that's just silly.
    Yes, there's a lot of construction going on at the same time (although I was just there and wasn't thrown off by the construction at all, there's always something going on in the parks). Would you rather them spread it all out? Or not update the park at all? Ugh.

  15. There seems to be many people moaning about the amount of construction and referb work going on in MK at the moment but has any of these people actually visited MK while this work is taking place?

    I doubt that many (if any) have. So why are you constantly grouching about something that may not actually impact on you too much? Most of the attractions in MK have remained open during the work, and there is still plenty that is totally unaffected.

    I suspect most of those who feel the tarps are an eyesore have only seen them in this sites excellent photos, in reality they may not be nearly as noticeable

    As this site naturally highlights the changes to the park, it will naturally highlight on the work taking place, and give the unintended impression that MK is little more than a building site. But MK is a HUGE park, and much of it remains unaffected by these refurbs

    And those who complain about the time taken to refurb places should realise one important thing: it is a LOT harder to change an existing building than to build a new building from the ground up, its not unusual for refurbs to take longer than new builds!

  16. @Last Anonymous: You are absolutely right. Whenever we post an update, we focus only on the areas that are receiving some attention, but the park in its entirety is still beautiful, and many areas are tarp-free (also, the tarps are not as noticeable now, as they are using a new kind of themed tarps, which look absolutely great). This, though, may give a wrong impression to our readers. You can be sure that Disney is doing an excellent job in trying to maintain Magic Kingdom in pristine conditions.

  17. Its funny, on many other Disney forums, they complain about the LACK of maintenance and upkeep.


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