Fun Spot's Waterpark: New Information and Park Map

Great news! Thanks to an article published on, we found out some very interesting news about Fun Spot Action Park's expansion. Indeed, today we bring you some very interesting information about the new waterpark that will soon be built in the currently empty piece of property that Fun Spot Attractions Inc. has purchased some time ago. Here's the article published on

Fun Spot Attractions Moves into Waterparks with SplashTacular, Inc.

Orlando, Florida — Fun Spot Attractions Owner and President, John Arie recently made a crucial strategic decision for the company. Although the company’s locations in both Orlando and Kissimmee enjoyed excellent growth and profitability, he decided—along with his family and team—that the timing was perfect to take his family entertainment venue to the next level by adding a waterpark component to the Orlando location. His team was determined to create something unique, and truly special unlike any family entertainment venue in Orlando, the theme park capital of the world. “Waterparks have become so commonplace that differentiation between facilities and their respective experiences has become harder for guests to perceive, and that they are becoming acclimated to the norm in that they have simply become a commodity with a different theme,” said Steve Levine, SplashTacular CEO.

“Fun Spot Attractions & SplashTacular are the perfect combination, the perfect team. I have no doubt that together we will have the most exciting facility and rides in the area. We are looking forward to entering the waterpark industry with SplashTacular as our supplier and partner,” stated John Arie.

“Our best work comes from collaboration with specialists who are the best in the industry, which is the reason Water Technology, Inc., the premier design group in the waterpark industry, was selected by John Arie to create a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art, signature waterpark, that satisfies their financial and demographic objectives,” explains Levine.

“When meeting with John and his son, John Jr. they shared with me their true passion and love for people, which is infectious and is the heart and soul of their company culture. They further explained that their waterpark should appeal to their current client base of more than 500,000 annual visitors, promote American made products and services by incorporating SplashTacular rides, all of which are dynamic attractions and features that push the guest experience to new levels, and finally integrating energy conservation and sustainability measures as much as possible,” said Doug Whiteaker, President of Water Technology.

Fun Spot Attractions is on the verge of reinventing the outdoor waterpark guest experience. The park will have one-of-a-kind next generation attractions that will be exclusive to this venue. Nowhere else in the theme park capital of the world will you be able to experience these types of attractions except right here in Orlando!! Whether you’re a tot, a teenager, adult or grandparents… this family friendly environment will leave a lasting impression like nowhere else.

Here is a high-resolution map of the future Fun Spot Waterpark (This is only a temporary concept art):

In addition to that, here you are a short but interesting video that showcases one of the signature slides that will tower over the new area: the Splash Rally:

It surely looks very good! The waterpark, along with the two new coaster and the other rides, should open by Spring 2013. We certainly look forward to know more about the other rides that will be installed as part as this major Fun Spot expansion! Stay tuned.

The park map and the article cited in this post are both subject to the copyright of Splashtacular, Inc. All rights reserved.


  1. John is saying "Our best work comes from collaboration with specialists who are the best in the industry".
    What is he talking about. They have a slap of concrete and trow on a bunch of attraction. No theming, what collaboration?
    I´m just not sure. We now have a poor man´s amusement park and we get the poor man´s waterpark, what is next, a poor man´s zoo?

  2. I think those who start on the far right are most likely to win. They have a pretty tight turn at the start!

  3. I think it sounds pretty cool! I think a water park would fit it with fun spot.I have to say I had to laugh at the first comment.

  4. Sounds like a great concept. I hope that they will be able to go through with it all. I'm wandering the price points in regards to the waterpark entrance.


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