EXCLUSIVE! - Pictures of Double Dumbo's New Base

As you may know, just a few hours ago, the Disney Parks Blog has released a picture that confirmed that one of the centerpieces of the new Double Dumbo attraction has already been delivered on site. Here's the photo, copyright of the Disney Parks Blog:

Photo Copyright of the Walt Disney World Resort. All rights reserved.

Unfortunately, they didn't show how the base look like.
But we can! Here you are a couple of exclusive pictures we took just yesterday:

Yes, that's it! This will be one of the two new bases of Double Dumbo! Notice the mechanical arms sticking out of the main structure. They will soon support quite a few flying elephants...

What do you think about the colors? Please, share your opinions with us!


  1. Does anyone know if the structure design will be different or exactly the same as the current one?

  2. The base looks massive! I hope that there will be less of a wait for Dumbo, but the interactive elements inside the air-conditioned tent will be so much better than before! I also think that the red and yellow on the Dumbo base will look great in Storybook Circus because deep reds and rich golds seem to fit right into the circus theme. Thanks so much for posting pictures from inside the Magic Kingdom. I am so excited when I see a new Fantasyland expansion post!

  3. that looks like the new dumbos wont be as elaborate then? with all the cogs and wheels that make the current ride so ornate, is it gonna be a humdrum circus striped theme so remenicent of dumbos 1955 debut?

  4. @Jake most features like that would be added by WDI as opposed to the manufacture.


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