Epcot Update: Hopeless Innoventions & More (Part 1)

Epcot: a fantastic theme park, full of imagination, innovations, places to discover... and problems. Yes, unfortunately, this fantastic theme parks has a lot of issues at this moment. Some are "old as time" (the Imagination pavilion, the rarely-used Wonders of Life pavilion, the Odyssey restaurant, etc...), while other issues are a bit more recent (like the substandard Innoventions, Spaceship Earth's descent).

Despite all these things, Epcot remains our favorite theme park. This, of course, doesn't mean that we are happy with this situation, but it is still a fantastic place to explore. So, let's cease to talk, and let's check out the current conditions of the park (which has some areas that, as we already anticipated, are not really great):

Just outside the park, a new, temporary railing has been placed near the side of the road facing the park's entrance:

Inside the park, they're still celebrating the Food & Wine Festival, but only for a few more days:

The park maps and the festival guides:

More Food & Wine props:

Spaceship Earth:

A look at the great, new Tip Board:

It looks much nicer:

A look at some of the wait times:

Some tips for the Food & Wine Festival:

Inside Innoventions East, they were having a small special event for Raytheon:

Celebrating Math and Science:

It had just ended...:

Work continues inside Innoventions East, for the new "Habit Heroes" exhibit:

The Chevrolet car in front of the House of the Future has been replaced by a Buick:


The smaller signs of the Universe of Energy are sill without the attraction's logo:

The Festival Center:

We'll have a separate update for this year's Food & Wine Festival Center, so stay tuned!:

The showcase of Mouse Gears looked quite empty, as all the references to Walt Disney World's 40th Anniversary are gone:

Inside the disastrous Innoventions West:

The Play It Safe kids area is finally back open after a quite long refurbishment:

Everything looks brand-new:

No Segways in Segway Central...

This is just strange. It is the third time I come here, and don't find anyone:

Inside the former "Rockin' Robots" exhibits, it looks like they're either testing or installing a new game:

You can see some buttons between the doors:

The former "What's Your Problem?" show is now a Disney Story Time show... only reserved for AAA members:

This is not the way to go...

The only visible change to the area is a seemingly new Exit sign...

So, the total open exhibits at Innoventions West are 4. The potential exhibit areas are 8. That's bad:

Thanks for viewing part 1 of this update. Please, proceed to PART 2.


  1. Excuse me but what is a Disney's AAA member??

  2. Segway Central is no longer operational as Segway no longer sponsors the exhibit. The area is still used as the training area for the Segway around the World tour.

  3. @Bigfoots: American Automobile Association. They partner with Disney for discounts and special offers.

  4. You forgot to mention Ellen and Nemo in the list of Epcot's problems. :)

  5. i was there on 11/7 and saw a segway tour group


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