Embassy Suites Lake Buena Vista - Nov. 2011 Update

Work is proceeding very fast in the site of the future Embassy Suites Lake Buena Vista, a brand-new hotel that will open at the end of 2012. Today we will be sharing with you just a few pictures that show the progress that has been made in the past few weeks:

These first few pictures were taken about a week ago:

The building itself seem to be almost complete:

These next photos, instead, were taken just a couple of days ago:

As you can see, in just a few days, they have completed another floor at the top of the building:

On the far right, you can already notice the doors of the elevator (which will be installed later):

And this is all. We will have another new Embassy Suites update early next month.


  1. Will this be considered an on-site hotel, meaning you'll be able to get the Disney Dining plan, etc.?

  2. Jason, this is on 535 and 192, no where near Disney, or LBV for that matter.

  3. Thanks. Deceptive name then I suppose.


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