Downtown Disney Oct. 2011 Update - West Side (1)

It's an unusually rainy weekend here in Central Florida, but this doesn't mean that we are going to post nothing for the rest of the day, right? Indeed, we have got a lot of pictures from Downtown Disney to show you. Today, we're going to focus only on the West Side area of this shopping district. In the next few days, we'll also post photos of Pleasure Island and the Marketplace. Let's start:

Yes, this is the right place:

It looks like the directory of the are has recently been changed:

It looks very nice:

The Cirque du Soleil:

Disney Quest:

It was definitely not a busy day at Downtown Disney:

Also, the weather was really, really pleasant:

Let's check out the progress that has been made in the future location of the Splitsville bowling alley:

Not much has changed on the outside:

Some new posters have been placed on the walls:

Splitsville will be opening next Fall:

The building's entrance:

This is how the building will look in Fall 2012 (click on the image to view it in its full size):

They will surely keep you busy with all these activities and offerings:

The official logo of the location:

Continuing our trip, we find Wolfgang Puck's Cafe:

The AMC Theaters:

We really recommend to everybody this movie. It is truly family-friendly, and it was shot right here in Florida!

Bongo's Cuban Cafe:

The former location of Magic Masters will soon become Something Silver, a jewelry store:

The building has already been repainted:

Let's keep on going:

The Sunglass Icon store is receiving a major renovation, that will make it the flagship store of the company:

The front of the store is being completely renovated too:

It will be open by the end of November 2011:

And this is all, for part 1.

Please, proceed to PART 2 for many more pictures of Downtown Disney - West Side! Thank you!


  1. I Love DTD!!! Disney Quest is one of my favorite place in Orlando

  2. Wow, how did I miss this? I was just there and was thinking about how awful it is that virgin's building is just sitting there rotting.
    Of course, it isn't! What a great idea! I was struggling to think of what they could add there that I'd want to go to more than virgin and wow, that's it.


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