Steven Spielberg: Transformers May Come to Orlando

[Editor's Note: The title of the post has been changed to reflect the fact that the article on the Orlando Sentinel is a bit ambiguous, and doesn't give enough details to support the fact that the Transformers ride will absolutely come to Universal Orlando. We do believe that a clone will be built here in Florida, but we want to be cautious, as we don't want to give out false information. Thanks for understanding.]

An incredible breaking news was posted yesterday on the Orlando Sentinel's Blog. Indeed, they had the opportunity of having a conversation with the world-famous movie director Steven Spielberg, and while talking about the new Transformers rides currently being built at Universal Studios Singapore and Universal Studios Hollywood, he made a really surprising announcement for Universal Orlando. Here's what he said:

      “...Transformers is going to [be] pretty amazing. We’ve been working on that for about three years now. It should be ready soon. I don’t have an announcement, yet, but it should be coming there [to Universal Orlando] soon,”
- Steven Spielberg, to the Orlando Sentinel.

So, this is pretty much an official announcement. The famous Transformers ride is coming to Orlando too. We just have to wait for Universal Orlando to confirm its location, and the date when work will start. Of course, we already have two possible future locations for this ride: between the Simpsons Ride and M.I.B: Alien Attack (it would fir perfectly in the World Expo setting), or even on the site of the old Hard Rock Cafe', which is rumored to be demolished in October (even though it would not fit in the Kid Zone area).

What do you think? Are you excited? The description of this attraction promises that it will be an incredible experience, different from The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman (despite the similarities of the ride's vehicles), so it looks like we are receiving another blockbuster attraction soon. The only thing is that we have personally never seen the movie Transformers, and we have no interest in seeing it (robots that become cars... nah, thanks), so we will not be able to refer to it when we'll get the chance to ride, unfortunately.


  1. ET Replacement............................................................................

  2. THIS MADE MY DAY. Harry Potter AND Transformer's in the same bloody resort? Heck yes.

  3. Wait...You've never seen the films?Robots that turn into Corvettes...Come on...That's just plain awesome. You gotta catch up!

  4. I see that many are happy to see the Transformers ride coming to Florida, but, wouldn't you rather see something new instead of another clone? Just a thought...

  5. WHAAAAAATTTTT???? I love Steven Spielberg, I love Universal Orlando and of course I love Transformer!!!!

    When I start to read this news I need to scream to externalize my happyness!!!!

    This is a clear sign of destiny!!!
    This means for me that I need to be there in 2013!!!

    Thanks Sam!!! This is a great news!!!!

    Well.... do you think this could be connected to the recent Ex Hard Rock Caffè building????

  6. I wouldn't be suprised if the entire Kidzone area is demolished to make way for it. Awesome news.

  7. I just heard that James Cameron is bringing "Avatar" to the Disney Parks! Towo big theme park news stories in the same week.

  8. To the OTPN administrator:
    If you haven't seen the movies and aren't interested in them... then I reccomend wathcing Transformers Prime on the Hub.. It's animated and It's one of my favorite shows! Lots of great storylines and characters :)


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