Rumor: Old Hard Rock Cafe' To Be Demolished

How many times did you dream about this news? We would all be extremely happy to hear the sounds of working vehicles in the site of the former Hard Rock Cafe' , wouldn't we? Well, it looks like it is finally time to say goodbye to that old, unused structure!

The former Hard Rock Cafe' building is located right behind Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster, a family coaster that is situated in the Woody Woodpecker Kidzone area of the park. The building has been sitting vacant since 1999, when the Hard Rock Cafe' moved to a much bigger, much better-located building, right in the middle of CityWalk. That amounts to twelve years. Yes, I said twelve (12) years of silence. Indeed, there have been no plans for the area... until now.

Before we start talking about this interesting rumor, here's a look at the building in question:

Now, here you are the rumor, from Screamscape:

"Screamscape sources tell us that the old original Hard Rock Café building that has sat closed for years will finally be demolished, with work set to begin sometime in October."

This is a very relevant rumor, as Screamscape stated that work are set to begin in October, not that work MAY begin in October, and they usually have very reliable sources for Universal Orlando Resort. Despite this, we labeled this as a rumor, because Universal has not yet announced any plans for the area (but, of course, this doesn't mean that they don't have any).

To conclude, here's a view of the area that the building currently occupies, from Bing Maps:

There's space for a major attraction back there, isn't there? What would you like to see in that area? A new ride? A new eatery? Be mindful that it is located right in the middle of a kids' area, therefore only family-friendly attractions should go there (if they want to follow the theme of the area)... unless they want to create a completely new area... Feel free to share your thoughts!


  1. Frankly, they could smash it down, and just plants trees and I'd be happy. Anythings better then an abandoned building.

  2. I would love to see the kids area re-themed to something more upto date. Im sorry but Curious George & Barney are so 90s. A similar land to FarFarAway at USS would be perfect!

  3. I have some great pictures of the Hard Rock Cafe back in 1997 when I was on my honeymoon, great times there. What happened to the Phsyco House up on the hill that was near by there? Anyway should build a big model village of the park...

  4. I can't image how they could reuse that space without remodel all the kids area!!!!

  5. Retheme the whole ET kids playground and this space to a huge Avatar "land" with a darkride, a movie (in the Terminator theater entered from the back) and a huge play land for kids like Ariel's playground in Tokyo Disney.

  6. I would like to see a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-darkride like the one in Alton Towers


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