New Fantasyland Artworks: Gaston's Tavern and More

The Disney Parks Blog has just revealed some interesting new artworks yesterday. They include a view of the "Bonjour" gift shop, Gaston's tavern, and more. Let's take a look together:

This first artwork represents the interior of "Gaston's Tavern," where guests will be able to eat and drink in a highly-themed setting that reproduces the ambiance of the tavern seen in the "Beauty and the Beast" movie (where Gaston sings his famous self-centered song, and Maurice comes to tell them about the Beast). There is also a possibility that Disney will come up with a beer without alcohol for kids, just like the butterbeer at Universal Orlando. We'll see what they'll come up with:

Inside the tavern, you will be able to see this great painting of Gaston. He's one of our favorite villains:

This artwork shows the interiors of the "Bonjour! Village Gifts" shop. It looks like it will feature many of the characters of the Beauty and the Beast movie, including the enchanted rose:

Here you can see a reproduction of the future entrance of Storybook Circus. We are very pleased to see that they have kept the tri-dimensional entrance (a small tent). Indeed, in one of the most recent artworks, it looked like they just wanted to put a flat, tarp-like entrance. This looks much better:

This here is the view of a section of the great Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride. As you can see, we'll be able to go through a a trunk of a tree near a waterfall, just like the seven dwarfs do in Snow White's famous movie:

This last artwork is not new, but we wanted to post it anyway, because it just makes us confused. Indeed, we are still not sure about the location of the Little mermaid's statue. Some artworks show it in the middle of the small river on the side, other artworks (like this one) show it in the middle of the path that leads to the entrance of the ride:

All of them look really nice. As we always say, we cannot wait to see all these great places in person. Unfortunately we will have to wait a little bit longer to be able to do that.
What's the area you are looking forward to see the most? Why? Feel free to share your thoughts!

All artworks are subject to the copyright of the Walt Disney World Resort. All rights reserved.


  1. The "Gaston's Tavern" thing is so sad. Once Disney was on the forfront of evrything themeparks. Now they are copying in a bad way. Gaston´s tavern has nothing to do in the beauty and the beast story and it´s a sad excuse to copy Universal´s succes.
    Is this the day WED died?

  2. theyre gonna be themed areas. its not sad, they just want to give you a feel for the village in which the beauty lived, what better way than an interactive tavern?

  3. How is it sad?

    If you want to bring up copying another park, why dont we bring up Universal copying Disney on Dark Rides and animatronics?

    This is exactly what the park needs. Its missing that Disneyland level of themeing. I do hope that after this is complete they will come back and remove the circus tent look from the old Fantasyland

  4. I'm absolutely looking forward to this expansion and I'm 17 years old. We're going next summer and my younger cousins are coming with us, and I'm even more excited than all four of them put together. I think this will definately boost Disney's reputation of making you feel in the movies. Universal did open the Wizarding World of Harry Potter but, whereas they made you feel you were in Diagon Alley and Hogsmead, all there was for me was three rides you had to queue a day for and countless shops and it was a little bit of a let down for me as a huge HP fan. Disney are pulling out all the stocks :)

  5. I'm loving the 'Bonjour Village Gifts' concept art! One of my top favourite Disney films is Beauty And The Beast! Looks like a cute shop, i wonder if it will be bigger than what we can see in the pic? The theming looks really cool also!

  6. "Sad" the most over used word in the Disney Fan community. It has gotten to the point where every little thing that is not in our eyes perfect is "sad".

    Similar does not mean copying. It is an imersive experience, something that Disney has been doing for 40 years in Florida, something that Universal just decided to try out a couple years ago.

  7. @OT:

    My friend, WED is far from dead. Though work has been slow over the years, things are at a climax now. Imagineering is making exciting new things. A sad way to copy Potter? You can't be serious.

    If anything, Universal's creation of an immersive fantasy area that features multiple places and elements of a story has only given Disney the opportunity to meet a newly-raised bar. Disney's been making immersive environments for years and Gaston's tavern fits into the story quite nicely. It's iconic. We all know the scene in the film made us laugh. We'll love the opportunity to visit it there in Fantasyland. The artwork looks promising and it makes me more impatient to get lost in this magical place. Disney's not copying. They're meeting a newly-raised bar. Universal found ways to re-invent the theme park experience and I feel Disney is only doing its job of innovating to get back on top.

  8. Gaston is the single greatest and misunderstood character in Disney history. I am glad he is finally getting his piece of the pie.


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