Magic Kingdom Parking Lot to Get New Names

The huge parking lot of the Magic Kingdom will soon have to wave goodbye to the seven dwarfs and the other classic Disney Characters names, as things are going to be changed very soon, starting from next Friday. Indeed, the various sections of the parking lot will be divided into two separate sections: one will feature names of famous Disney Heroes; the other half of the parking lot will feature names of infamous Disney Villains. Here you are some additional information, as well as some pictures that portray these changes:

Magic Kingdom Parking Lot to Feature Heroes and Villains Names

Work began July 11 to add a second tram loading zone at Magic Kingdom Park to better serve our Guests. This second tram loading zone will transform the Magic Kingdom parking lot into dual-lot operation, with two loading and unloading zones. As part of this new layout, the parking lot will be split into two halves and renamed as “Heroes” and “Villains.”

This plan will provide a more direct route for our Guests to and from their cars, and will help them remember where they parked. Guests have begun to see additions and changes to current signage at the Transportation & Ticket Center, and there is more to come.

The split plan will be fully operational on the morning of Friday, September 23.

Photo copyright of the Walt Disney World Resort. All rights reserved.

Within the Heroes and Villains areas will be smaller sections, each featuring a specific character. The Heroes area (formerly our classic characters) will include Woody, Aladdin, Peter Pan, Simba, Mulan and Rapunzel. The Villains area (formerly the Seven Dwarfs) will include Zurg, Jafar, Hook, Scar, Cruella and Ursula.

Photo copyright of the Walt Disney World Resort. All rights reserved.

So the next time you visit Magic Kingdom Park, make sure to remember: Hero or a Villain?

Photo copyright of the Walt Disney World Resort. All rights reserved.

The debut is subject to change due to weather conditions.

So, what's your opinion on this? Do you think that these new adjustments will make it easier for you to remember where you parked your car? In our opinion, it will help a lot, especially since there will also be specific colors in each area of the parking (look at the color of the poles where you board the tram to The Transportation and Ticket Center), so that if you don't remember the name of the area, you can at least remember the color.


  1. I think this is a waste of money and totally un-needed. In the day and age of digital cameras and smart phones...just take a picture of your spot...really, whats so hard about remembering you parked in Minnie? I am beginning to think Disney is getting desperate

    1. Not everyone has a Smart Phone. Some of us are smarter than the phones we own.

  2. bunnyfer, i think your missing the point. this is about efficiency for the tram system and parking staff, it has nothing to do with helping you remember where you put your car. this just lets the parking staff run more trams and get you too your car faster, who wouldn't want that?

  3. It should be pointed out that still a majority of people do not have smart phones. Even if they do, you cannot design a parking system that only takes into account most, but not all the people. Your comment was sort of like saying, " with virtual worlds and the internet, why would anyone need to go to a theme park."

  4. OK, they added a second tram to the system. Thats great. But was the money needing to be spent on renaming every lot, repainting and all of this other bull...and 95% of people have digital cameras that work just as well.

    I am not a Disney hater, heck I love Disney, but as a local, and someone who goes to the parks a lot...There are plenty of other things that the money could have been spent on to give "good show"

  5. I've always had a digital camera and / or smartphone with me when visiting Disney but rarely remember to take a photo to remind me of where i've parked. with the excitement of visiting a Disney park (especially 1st timers) i expect there are many other guests who do the same.

    after a long day in a park, it can be difficult to remember exactly where you've parked (and rental cars all look the same) and i've spent many wasted minutes trying to find my car on more than one occasion. I can't be the only one.
    Magic kingdom in particular was hard to remember as the dwarfs names all stick in your mind - same movie, same type of character etc
    The new naming seems to be more destinctive. even if you cant recall the name of the area you're parked in, you should be able to recall the movie and whether it was a hero or villain. the different area colouring should help to.
    I would hardly call any move to aid guests NOT sensible enough to take a reminder photo a waste of money - the relative small cost of new signage and a new coat of paint must be money well spent even if only a few gusts avoid the distress of ruining an otherwise magical day by losing their car at the end of it!

  6. I agree with bunnyfer.
    This could have been money well spent on other more important projects.
    Like getting the Yeti fixed. :P

  7. i think a few people are missing the point...

    full marks to bunnyfer and all like thinking guests who have the sense to note / photograph where they are parking for future reference. we all should be this sensible but in reality not everyone is, and there are still enough people who don't have digi cameras / smartphones. You cannot have a parking system that relies on guests having certain technology.

    I fully agree that it would be good to see long term faults like the infamous "disco" yeti fixed too. but Disney has concluded that losing your car affects more people and in a greater way than a frozen animatronic and have therefore given this task priority

    i guess your opinion on this would be largely formed by whether you have ever been stupid enough to forget where you parked. As someone who has been this stupid in the past I can confirm its annoying, embarrassing and very stressful: the very things all theme park operators hope a visit to their park WOULDN'T be.

    My final point on the matter is this: now Disney has dealt with this problem, no excuses for not dealing with other problems like the yeti!!!


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