Downtown Disney - New Splitsville Artwork and More

As we have posted yesterday, the former RIDEMAKERZ location is now closed, to make way for the new "Splitsville" entertainment complex. One of our readers, Chris (that we thank a lot!!), provided us some new pictures of the current status of the work being done on the building, which is now surrounded by walls:

On the temporary walls, a new artwork has been revealed:

This is the original artwork, that looked completely different:

The new RIDERMAKERZ location inside the "Team Mickey" store is now open:

On a related news, the former 8TRAX club has been completely repainted, and the signage has been removed:

Which Splitsville artwork do you like better? The new one or the older one? Share your thoughts, if you'd like.
Thanks again to our reader Chris, for sending us these great pictures!


  1. I prefer the new one. The "BOWL" sign on the old one looks too big.

  2. I like the fact that the other locations of Splitsville have a dress code after 10 p.m and that kiddie bumpers are not permitted after 8 p.m Looks like Disney is keeping some stuff for the adult clientele.

  3. The new artwork is so much better, lets hope they go with that one!

  4. I prefer the old artwork. It looks more Disney than the new artwork.I really like the theming of the old artwork. A little bit kitchy and a tribute to the sixties. The new artwork looks too modern and there is not much theming at all. It looks too clean in my eyes.


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