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We are sure many of you are aware of the new, incredibly inspiring movie that came out to many theaters around the U.S. (and soon, also around the world), about a dolphin that lost his tail, and that was helped by the crew of an aquarium to swim again like a normal dolphin, thanks to a prosthesis. The name of the movie is Dolphin Tale, and it is produced by the Warner Brothers Studios.

The name of the dolphin is Winter, and guess where he lives? Right in our backyard, in Clearwater, Florida. The movie is being an incredible success, and the aquarium that is housing Winter - the Clearwater Marine Aquarium is currently looking to expand, to make some space for the thousands and thousands of visitors who will flock to the aquarium to see Winter.

Here's their comments on the future expansion, from the Clearwater Marine Aquarium's official blog:

Clearwater Marine Aquarium Facility Updates

Keep your eyes open for a lot of upcoming changes…things are about to get crazy! Yet this is an extremely exciting time for us and we so honored to be able to spread the word and educate the world on our mission of rescuing, rehabbing and releasing marine life.

We have been making plans to expand our square footage to improve the guest experience. Also, with the West Side construction starting soon we needed to add portable restrooms as our old restrooms are being bulldozed very soon.

Adding tents on the North side of the building covered both issues. We are now operational with our new ticket trailers. These will relieve the bottleneck indoors where ticket sales and retail sales had shared the same area. Once our guest purchases a ticket they will walk into the fenced area where a Guest Service Specialist will greet the guest and verify they have purchased a ticket.

Once inside the fence the guests are now free to roam the entire guest side of the building and come and go from the building to the fenced area to utilize the restrooms and the activities that the Hospitality team will provide under the tents.

We have designated new handicapped parking spaces beside the ticket trailers to ensure a positive guest experience for our disabled guests. We have reclassified the restroom by surgery as our ADA restroom as the restrooms outside are not designed for ADA.

Here's a small picture that shows a brand-new theater, currently planned for the aquarium, taken from CMA's official website (sorry, we couldn't find an higher-resolution image for this new structure):

It looks quite impressive, right?

We really wish them all the best, and we are really honored to have the Clearwater Marine Aquarium here in Florida. We want to really thank them for all the efforts they put in saving Winter! We will soon visit the Aquarium, and post a review, so keep your eyes open! Also, if you have already had the opportunity of visiting the Aquarium in the past, feel free to share your opinions and comments with us! Thank you!

To learn more about this nice aquarium, please, visit their official website (which has bought an appropriate domain name,

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