Primeval Whirl Update - The Long Rehab Continues

Primeval Whirl, Disney's Animal Kingdom's wild mouse coaster, has been closed for a very long time, due to a terrible accident, where a cast member died while performing some maintenance work while the ride was closed for a scheduled refurbishment. As of today, very few things have changed. Actually, there are no visible changes on the ride's look. Most of the work is being done "behind the scenes," as Disney wants to make the ride safer. Today, we'll take a general look around the area:  

There's no visible change on the ride, as we previously said:

A very long wall still encircles the entire ride:

The ride's entrance:

The right side of the ride:

A higher wall has been installed on this side, for safety reasons:

As you can see, there were some engineers, possibly checking the anti-rollback system of the ride:

A closer look at the mechanisms:

The people working on the ride were Walt Disney World's own engineers, so it may mean that the investigation is over:

Some parts of the coaster have been labeled, probably to make the inspection easier:

It surely looks exactly the same as it did many months ago. Still dirty, still the same, carnival ride:

Thank you very much for viewing. We'll soon post a complete update of Disney's Animal Kingdom, so stay tuned! Have a great rest of the day.


  1. There is just one way to Rehab thsi attraction: a lot of Plastic Explosive C-4, The Darkness of the Night and a lot detonator!!! Yes... the only one way to make this attraction funny is make it explode like a Fireworks!!!
    Primeval Whirl has uncomfortable ride vehicles, extreme long queue, eternal wait time and it broke itself everyday!!!

    I can't understand why with all the potential of A.K. and the Great Disney Imaginers, they cant recycle all that great space of Dinoland, U.S.A. area with a great attraction like the mighty Expedition Everest or the great DINOSAUR... maybe a new coaster like Bush Garden!!!!!!!

  2. These run of the mill mediocer rollercoasters are not Disney worthy. They should demolisch Dinoland, U.S.A. and make a nice attraction in it´s place. I would love to see a splash mountain like dino ride.

  3. @OT I'd like to say: All of Dinoland, U.S.A except DINOSAUR.

  4. Nope, hate Dinosaure. The ride´s unly excuse is that it has cars that can bump up and down for no apparent reason. It makes it hard to see all the awesome dino´s. It´s also to short and it´s story is almost non existing. They should rework this great ridesystem to something that could be a great attraction (like Indy in Disneyland) but now it´s just painfull, short and something I never ever will ride again in my life.

  5. I hate to say it because I worked at Chester and Hester's, but I think it's time to re-theme that area. Doesn't really mess with the rest of the park, that is Dinorama. An interactive waterplay area themed to Dinosaurs would be great. A way to cool off when at the park.


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