Sand Sculpture Festival in Belgium... in Disney Style

A quite nice event has taken place in Belgium, where some artists have created sand sculptures that represent some Disney characters and other very famous icons of Disneyland Paris. Take a look:

Sand Sculpture Festival Features Disneyland Paris

If it were a town, it might be said that Disneyland Paris, with its attractions and characters, now has a sister city in Blankenberge, Belgium. There, an incredible likeness of the Parisian resort has been fashioned in sand. Thirty-eight artists from around the world participated in the Sand Sculpture Festival in Blankenberge - officially the largest in the world. They made a sand castle - a 46-foot-high Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant - but they didn't stop there.  They made 125 sand sculptures evoking the Disney Magical Moments Festival at Disneyland Paris.

From scenes capturing unforgettable moments in that resort's two parks to the beloved Disney and Pixar characters - the towering sand replicas have been delighting visitors since opening June 9 and will continue to do so until Sept. 12. With the participation of the Disneyland Paris Belgian office, the festival is extraordinary in the number and size of the sculptures and by their realism and finesse. 
A tip to wannabe sand sculptors: Use the right kind of sand. The Blankenberge sculptures were made with river sand, which is more adherent than beach sand, allowing for the incredible modeling seen in these works.

Photo credit: Van Ryckeghem

Really fantastic creations, right? They look extremely realistic. The only way to make them look even more realistic would be to color them... 

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  1. If you would color them, you woudn't recognize them as sand sculptures anymore.

    As I live in Belgium, I'm going there some time soon, when the weather clears up.


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