Fantasyland Update - Construction Walls Extended

Today, we've got a brief Fantasyland update, which covers all the attractions in Fantasyland, including the Skyway, Beauty and the Beast's area, the Little Mermaid's area, Dumbo, and more! We hope you enjoy it.

It looks like the work on the Skyway have stalled. No vertical construction, the old Skyway clock-tower still untouched... We hope they'll continue to make some progress soon:

"It's a Small World" 's tower's roof has finally been completed:

Work on Pinocchio's Village Haus' roof continue as well:

Here's a look at the newly-refurbished sign of Pinocchio's Village Haus:

A new snack cart has moved near the entrance of the restaurant, becasue, as you will soon see, walls have moved once again:

This part of the roof is now receiving a lot of attention too:

On the side near the bathrooms, another temporary sign has been placed on Pinocchio's Village Haus' entrance, while the permanent one is being refurbished:

Construction walls have been extended all the way toward Dumbo:

Pinocchio's exterior patio is still open, though. No walls have affected this area:

Work on the new castle walls slowly continue:

Here's the current view:

A look above the walls:


It was pretty dark because of the cloud covering, and we apologize for that:

Take a look at the new trees:

A high-resolution picture of the whole castle area:

Belle's cottage seems to have received no new exterior work:

Belle's Village:


The castle and the rockwork are really starting to look fantastic!:

Dumbo's station continues to go up too:

Thank you very much for viewing. A new Fantasyland update will be posted during the weekend.


  1. Great update as always, looks like the rain has been slowing down construction.

  2. Another GREAT update! Thanks!


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