Out-of-the-Loop: Reflections of Miami

Sometimes it is nice to have some out-of-the-loop updates, right? This is one of them. Today, we'll take a look at some of the particular buildings, sights, and characteristics of one of the most famous cities in the world: Miami, Florida. We hope you'll enjoy seeing the pictures!

Disney is everywhere!:'


The famous Goodyear dirigible:

Very unusual buildings:

The elevated monorail:

The sea:

Very expensive Yachts:

Very strict, huh?:

Miami is a very nice place to visit, and we recommend it to everybody. It's true, there are no real theme parks, and the traffic level could become a bit stressful (especially for somebody like me that lives in peaceful Orlando), but it is absolutely a great place to visit.


  1. Uhm... I don't know... Miami is build for the nighttime! I know there is a famous aquarium to visit and not much more, but if you a Nighttime party man/woman there's nothing better on the surface of the earth!!! I really prefer the Lovely Orlando, where (as Kiss say) you can Rock and Roll all Night and Party every day!!!!

  2. The aquarium is the Miami Seaquarium, and it's alright I guess. As being someone who actually lives in Miami, I can vouch for the fact that unless you're into the night-life or the beach, there really isn't much to do here in Miami. Great city though.


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