Fantasyland Update - Belle's Cottage & More

This is a very special Fantasyland update, as we've included not only pictures taken from inside the Magic Kingdom park, but also from a nearby building, which is very tall and provides some great views of the area.
Yes, it' the Contemporary Resort. We took that idea from other pictures we saw on other sites, so we decided to give it a try, and it was really worth it. Take a look by yourself, and see if you can get some new details of the new Fantasyland area:

The back of the Castle is still under tarp, and work will continue for the rest of the year:

"la Fontaine de Cendrillon" (Cinderella's fountain) has gone under a rehab:

The Skyway Station still shows no work at all:

It's a Small World had an extended queue. Yes, it was busy:

A new wall has popped-up near the carousel and Dumbo... and, no, this time they are not removing a planter. What are they doing then?:

Fantasyland looks very nice without all the planters in the middle, but we need more flowers and nature around there, maybe next to some buildings:

Work continues on the Little Mermaid's building facade:

The Beauty and the Beast area:

A better view of Belle's cottage:

The rockwork included in this expansion is going to be massive:

Work on the queue building of the new Double Dumbo:

Work continues on the old "Mickey's Toontown Fair":

And there's also progress on the Barnstormer's building:


And now, some great, High-Resolution pictures of the Fantasyland Expansion area, from the top of the world, that is, the lounge on top of the Contemporary resort:

The Little Mermaid has a huge amount of steel to showcase:

One side of the Little Mermaid's showbuilding is green, the other is beige:

A look at Beast's Castle:

Height comparison between Cinderella castle and the new Beast's Castle:

Belle's village is still taking shape:

Notice the entrance door and the windows of the castle!:

Belle's cottage:

The rockwork:

And we'll end this update with a view of Cinderella's Castle with a fantastic background:

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  1. Great update!
    Seems like construction is slowing down though, or at least not as fast as it has been.


    Best one ever because of view from the hotel. Thanks so much Sam

    and @Anonymous, I don't think it is at all slowing down, a lot of the "magic" is being done inside the buildings like the Props and tracks of Little Mermaid and inside the new Castle Ballroom

  3. I agree with Scott - it seems like progress is fast in the beginning because you see the buildings going up in record time, but constructing the outside is probably the easiest part of each project. The finish work on the inside is what takes the longest.

  4. great post as usual. i just went in march and they have already added a lot more since then. its looking good and i cant wait to see it. i will be going in a couple of weeks and i will get to see all of the the new expansion in person. its just amazing how fast they can build all of this.

  5. I don't think progress is slowing, i saw pics just a few weeks ago & ALOT has happened since then. Belle's Cottage steal work is pretty much done, they've added a heck of alot more steal work to The Little Mermaid Ride & Beast's Castle, but i bet there's alot more done inside than out.

  6. The view from the hotel is incredible. I was there last week and recommend booking a table at their BBQ restaurant for around 9pm. You get to go outside and watch the night time parade and fireworks. Great view. I also went on a behind the magic tour where you get to see new props for the expanding Fantasyland. Obviously couldnt take any photos but it looks like its going to be a great addition.
    Great blog. Keep up the updates :)


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