Blackbeard Joins the 'Pirates of The Caribbean' Ride

The Disney Parks Blog has officially announced that both Walt Disney World and Disneyland in California will add a new pirate this May 20. No, unfortunately it won't be a new full-size Audio-Animatronic. It will be a projection of one of the most famous pirates of the past: Blackbeard. It will temporarily replace the projection of Davy Jones on a fake waterfall, that currently appears at the beginning of the ride. Read more:

Blackbeard Comes Aboard at Disneyland Park and Magic Kingdom Park May 20

Rendering of Ian McShane as Captain Blackbeard in the Pirates of the Caribbean Attractions at Disney Parks

On February 11, actor Ian McShane appeared on a soundstage in Los Angeles for a very special “head shot” – one that will soon be featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean attractions at Disneyland park and Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort.
Captain Blackbeard will make his appearance on the ghostly waterfall in the grotto scenes of the park attractions beginning May 20, coinciding with the release of the new film, “Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides,” in which McShane plays a starring role.
Walt Disney Imagineering writer Michael Sprout (who wrote the script for Bill Nighy as Davy Jones several years ago) was on hand to direct the special shoot with Ian McShane. Michael said, “He came in wearing his complete Blackbeard costume, including the sword, saying it helped him stay in character!”
Look for Blackbeard soon in this classic attraction, and the return of Davy Jones later this year.

This is a nice news. An addition to an attraction is always welcome. We'll make sure to check out the new projection after May 20, 2011!


  1. What on EARTH do you mean "unfortunately"? Disney has DESTROYED the spirit of that attraction with the film tie-ins.

    Surely the fact that the Imagineers from the project that are still around have utterly disassociated themselves from the ride only goes to prove that.

    We've only just dodged a bullet for just now in the sense that there haven't been any more gaudy additions.

  2. Anonymous,
    you will surely agree with me that everybody has different opinion in this matter. I personally think that the addition of Jack Sparrow and other elements from the movie did not ruin the attraction's feeling. I do agree with you that some scenes got a bit ruined, like the ending.
    Anyway, before judging we should wait and see. Maybe you'll end up liking it, who knows!

  3. Yeah they did ruin the last scene with the movie tie-ins and I don't exactly like the fake waterfall effect either, but it doesn't really bother me either. I did love the Jack Sparrow AA. He is the most realistic AA in my opinion. I havent posted anything in awhile ha.


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