The Revamped LEGO Store at DTD: Photos

Downtown Disney is receiving so many great additions that we can't even list. Among these new additions we have a fantastic rehab of the LEGO store, which has been enlarged for our enjoyment! Let's take a look at it:

Here's a general look at the building:

As you can see, the circular part is the new section:

The new side:

Outside the building they've added so many new LEGO creations, which represent some of the most famous Disney stories, like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

The six dwarfs (the seventh one is with Snow White in another location):

The look of the dwarfs is very... contemporary:

Snow White:

Woody and Buzz:

This scene was seen in Toy Story 1:

The RC Race Car:

Sleeping Beauty's scene:

The Prince battling against the dragon:

They've done a fantastic job with the dragon. I can't wait to see the new "Dragon" coaster at LEGOLAND Florida:

The fire:

The entrance to the LEGO Store:


There are so many things to see here:

The new queue area:

An interactive station:

More Toy Story creations:

A special corner or children to play with LEGOs:

Woody and Buzz, again together:

Around the store:

New light fixtures:

larger-than-life LEGO pieces:

Another play area, outside the building:

And that is all! Doesn't it look nicer now? We really like the addition of all those new LEGO Sculptures!
More Downtown Disney pictures are coming soon! Stay tuned.


  1. We were there in March, and the Temporary tent store was pure BEDLAM! So nice to see the new HUGE digs, looks FABULOUS...bright and clean. Wery cool! I Love the new sculptures. it's nice they they have both Boy AND Girl friendly art! Thanks AGAIn, for sharing!

  2. Thanks for th comment! I do agree that it looks great now!


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