Herbie soon replaced by... Lightning McQueen?

There have been many rumors floating around, that brought up the possibility of a change in the "Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show" at Disney's Hollywood Studios. It involves Herbie, which I am sure everybody knows, even though you may have never seen the Disney stunt show.

Anyway, these rumors (that have now been confirmed) said that Herbie might be soon (in June of 2011) replaced by a newer kind of car: Lightning McQueen, from the Disney-Pixar movie "Cars 2".

This actually make sense to me, as the movie "Cars" is much newer, so many people (especially the younger ones in the audience) will recognize the character as soon as they see it in the show. Herbie is from a fairly old movie (that I've never seen myself!), but with that being said, it was still one of the favorites characters in the show, according to some people. And we agree, its segment in the show was nice.

What do you think? Is McQueen a better choice? Or you're a Herbie fan?


  1. They've already put him in the show in Paris!

    Here's the video -


    I like him but I don't know if it really works, it seems to slow down the pace of the show because they're so slow compared with the stunt cars. But I bet kids will be entertained enough just seeing the characters.

  2. Why don't put them together? Herbie is the Lightning McQueen of my generation!

  3. In my opinion Lightning McQueen is not a good "fit" for Lights, Motors, Action; as we are "on set" of a live action film and seeing how they create the stunts. Since Lightning is an animated character this messes with the storyline for the existing show.


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