Cheetah Hunt progress

Theming, theming and more theming. We love this word, don't we? And that's exactly what they're working on, in the new Cheetah Hunt station. It is becoming a magnificent place, with all the ruins and buildings typical of Morocco and of North Africa. They're also completing the track, as they're only missing a small section, and then it's ready to go. Take a look at this new update at, for a lot of fresh photos!

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Cheetah Hunt is opening on May 27th, 2011. Will you be able to be there for the official grand opening?
We'll try to be there, but of course, everything can change, especially because it's still two months away.
Anyway, great job Busch Gardens Tampa for this magnificent roller coaster! But, we're already thinking about the future now. What would we love to see in the future? A nice dark ride, of course!!

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