Universal Studios update - Jaws refurb

Hello, and welcome to a short, but nonetheless interesting Universal Studios update!
Let's begin right away by saying that it was a rainy day (at first), but then, later in the afternoon it started to... stop! This, of course, didn't prevent us to take pictures:

Yep... Jaws was closed. But, don't worry! It reopened just yesterday!:

Preparation for the next week's concerts:

HRRR was open at first:

But of course, after a while, it closed down for rain:

Grey day:

The 4th of July banner is gone...

maybe just for refurbishment:

Some over-the-wall pictures of Jaws:

Since it was Saturday (the day before it opened), the lagoon was already filled:

Moving stuff:

And we conclude with a special appearance of the Mystery machine:

Thanks for viewing!! Have a great day, everybody!


  1. Ahahah... I can understand why HRRR was closed for rain, have you ever tried to rode a coaster with the rain? I've done!!! I rode The Kraken with a soft rain but with the speed of the coaster it was like swim in a pool!!! You can't see anything because all the rain drops filled your eyes!!!!!!

  2. Ive did Expedition Everest in the rain saturday, Went to Hollywood/animal/magic saturday. and Regarding the banner, its probably temporarily gone for the Mardi Gras Parade starting soon

  3. I have been on Mick doohan's Motocoaster in Dreamworld Australia, on the final ride before they had to close it because of the rain. It was most likely one of the more painful things I had done as we were in the front row of the Moterbike coaster. It felt like sand paper to my eyes and the only thing to stop the rain was a tiny wind screen which was onlt there for theming. But it was still a good ride.


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