Magic Kingdom update - Jan. 20 (PART 1)

Hello, and welcome to a new, extensive Magic kingdom update!! Let's see what's new this week:

Work is still underway for the new, small Monorail beam:

They're also working again on the bus areas:

No more "Welcome to Magic Kingdom" sign:

The brand-new "Let the Memories begin!" sign!!:

It really looks great!:

The new, great-looking drape:

More and more work!:

This Exposition Hall scares me!! How problematic can this building be??:

Work continues also near the City Hall:

The Confectionery is also receiving an extensive refurbishment:

These huge, un-themed lights look new:

These projectors will soon put up a magnificent show each night... a video is coming soon:

The temporary Adventureland bridge is being built, so that the other one can be refurbished:

Work on the stroller parking near the Robinsons' Treehouse:

The Enchanted Tiki Room is still closed:

Pirates of the Caribbean:

Re-roofing in progress on the Pirata y el Perico:

Adventureland restroom still closed:

Splash Mountain is still closed for refurbishment:

That's all for Part 1.


  1. With all the refurbishments and new construction, this is not a good time to visit the Magic Kingdom. So glad we aren't going this year. When, in your expert opinion, is the best time to visit? Least crowds and most attractions available.

  2. THe park has WWAAAAYYY to many refurbishments and new construction at one time. The place looks terrible. Walt Disney would role over in his grave if he knew.

  3. With all the construction and refurbishments, I would be very upset to visit the Magic Kingdom at this time. Seems as if 30 to 40% of the attractions are closed. How sad. I know it will be wonderful when completed, but in the meantime - Ugh!

  4. anon 1, you were addressing the admins I'm sure but you have a valid point and a good question; even though the crowds are heavier I'm pretty sure the fewest refurbs occur in the summer. I'm not a frequent visitor but when I go to the resort its always in the summer

    anons 2 and 3... are frankly bitching for little reason; 30%-40%?? AS IF, you weren't even exaggerating. Only a few select rides are closed. Honestly, refurbs may suck for park guests, but they're necessary... and this IS the off season (if it can still be called that).

    The "refurb" isn't a new concept anon 2... I don't see how Walt would be upset that the parks are being upkept.

    great report!

  5. We are going to WDW on Saturday for 10 days and taking my little sister (19) for her first visit. I am really upset about the state of the MK right now. This is ridiculous!

  6. Wow, lots of comments!! Great! :-)
    Anyway, I see that many people are sad to see all these refurbs being done at once, but, let me say something: If they do all at once, we will have all the things done sooner!! It may be a problem for people visiting now, though...

    In my humble opinion, the best time to visit is March/April and September/October (better the last one if you don't want to see too many tarps.

    Thanks for the comments!!

  7. We are scheduled to go to WDW in April, but after seeing all your photos, I am thinking of postponing, all the ugly draping on the buldings and ride closures make it seem like a wasted trip. I know Fantasyland wont be done, but is the rest of the work supposed to be done this year?

  8. Anon 4, I do not think the other posters are complaining for no reason. I like in Panama, Central America, I've been planning a trip to WDW for months (from down here you can't do it from one week to the next) I checked the best dates for crowds, rehabs, events, etc. I chose next week. NOW, I see all this work being done and Magic Kingdom looks like crap right now. I absolutely loooovee WDW and I am taking my niece for the first time, this is not the experience I had in mind for her.

    I knew that Fantasyland was being closed and all that, but I had no idea that all these other things were going to be closed too.

    I just hope that by next week (hopefully and with a little divine intervention) some of these things will be open or at least without those ridiculous tarps over it; because I cannot cancel this trip.

    Hopefully the other parks will look better than WDW.


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